Buchardt S400 MKII's vs Tyler Acoustics/GR-Research T1 Studio Monitors

Hello, I am in the market for new bookshelf monitors and had these two on my radar.  Both seem to offer a lot of value are within a few hundred USD of each other in price. 

I wanted to see how you guys would think about the purchase if it were you and also knowing that listening before purchasing is not likely.  I understand there are many other speakers to consider but these are the ones I am asking for your thoughts on.  

The rest of my system is a Denafrips Ares II DAC + Denafrips IRIS DDC, Allo USBridge Signature Streamer w/Shanti Power Supply, Paraound A21+ Amp and Schiit Freya+ Preamp.

I think I would be happy with both and below are initial thoughts on each:

Buchardt S400 MKII's

- Great warranty (10 years) and an awesome 45-day trial (return shipping is only $50 USD)
- Upgraded crossover and enclosure over the original which was very popular
- Well reviewed already and more balanced than the original version (which I am looking for compared to the more V-shaped sound of the original)
- Large customer base worldwide which for gives a little reassurance compared to a lesser known company
- Look great and multiple finish options as well as many matching stand options
- Possible higher resale value as Buchardt is now a mainstream brand

Tyler Acoustics T1 Studio Monitors

- Designed with Danny at GR-Research who I really like and trust (see his new YouTube video on this speaker for reference - I have always wanted to support Danny but not much time for DIY these days)
- Ty at Tyler Acoustics is known for making some of the best enclosures around (this is probably where I think the value is off the charts on this speaker)
- Top quality parts used in every aspect of the speaker
- Love the idea of supporting a local US-based small companies (Ty essentially is a one-man shop and most know about GR-Research already)
- I like the look and how the unique enclosure is built for better sound (rounded front baffle, offset tweeter, angled front baffle) much like the Buchardt (both also have passive radiators in the rear)
- Ty does offer returns but at a significantly higher cost than Buchardt (totally understandable for a small shop)
Owned the Buchardt S400 and very much enjoyed that speaker. It's a polite and proper speaker. Just beautiful. Now I'm thinking the Mk2 may get a bit nastier...I'll wait and see. I just purchased the T1 monitors. Waiting for them to be built. Now, I'm very excited to hear a speaker that Danny says is a plug and play speaker. He seems like a guy that takes pride in his knowledge of speaker inner workings. 

Thanks, Jack. I got to speak with Ty also and very much enjoyed our conversation. Appreciate the insight. 
I am interested in this thread as well on how the two would compare in SQ, need of amplification, etc. If I were to drop around $2.5 on speakers, these seemingly would be the front-runners.
I’ve recently got into lower powered amplification also meaning lighter, not necessarily inexpensive . I really don’t want over 40#+ behemoths even though/perhaps low bass or low mids might pay a price. So for moderate listening levels, the speakers would have to be pretty much at the top of their game with less wattage. If I had to go to higher wattage/current I would look at class D but like the sound of a good AB design.

Also would want something that performs well for video soundtracks/vocals as well as music. What I need in a speaker is accurate tone for voice and piano, strings without sounding harsh in the upper mids through the highs. Don't need it it to be super-accurate neutrality but tone should be natural.  Spatial cues from the original venue/recording in a "more" 3D space versus a flat plane is also desired.  It should also have good dynamic range to emphasize differences between the low and high range of whatever is presented.  Prefer wispy, airy highs to drier matter of fact highs but that's icing on the cake.  Don't want a laid back presentation, I prefer sound that jumps out at and around you when called for. 

Probably willing to give up ultimate resolution and perfect imaging for the above as long as it's decent.  Coming from Focals which I have and like, I would consider upgrading for a bit better SQ in a smaller package. Otherwise I'd stand pat on what I have.

I ended up purchasing the Wharfedale Linton Heritage speakers. I was able to hear them before purchasing and I was reluctant to go with the T1’s as I knew I would not be able to audition them. 

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How are the Buchardts for nearfield listening? Like 1.2m from listening position.


I wonder if the new Mk2 is really ok to be placed close to the wall as advertised on their page, compared to the mk1.

How are the Buchardts for nearfield listening? Like 1.2m from listening position.

I wonder if the new Mk2 is really ok to be placed close to the wall as advertised on their page, compared to the mk1.

Keep in mind that the mk2 has only been sent to a few reviewers but it is still on preorder for regular customers, so you won't find real feedback on it yet.

I have the S400 mk1 Signature Edition. Actually Buchardt used the same statement about wall placement for both mk1 and mk2. The passive radiator is better for close wall placement than ported designs, but there is no getting around it — the wall will reinforce the bass. Buchardt recommends using equalization to reduce the bass if it becomes too much when close to the wall.

I have tried my S400 in nearfield (1.3m) and it works okay but not ideal. The sound is better at 2m and above, probably because it needs the distance for driver blending.



I have S400 MK2 driven by Hegel H95.  I really like the speakers.  But i would not recommend these for nearfield, in fact some reviewers said MK2 is not good nearfield, and worse than the S400 MK1 nearfield. 

I place them about 3m apart and listen 3m away.  And i put them close to the back wall to get a little more bass.The MK2 does not have the bass hump the MK1 does.

I believe I remember Zero Fidelity (Sean Fowler’s YouTube review channel) mentions needing some distance in both the review of the original and MK2. If I were looking at near field, I would try to audition the KEF LS50’s. 

I have the S400 mkII driven by a Cambridge Audio power amp and Anthem STR preamp. I've got mine placed about 12-18 inches from the wall, which gives me a satisfying boost in the bass area. I don't honestly hear a night and day difference with them placed 6 inches from the wall either, although more is better.

One thing about these is that they do incredibly well with DSP if you want to adjust the tone. In my room they had a dip at around 1200 Hz and it robbed the treble of some presence and detail, DSP'd that right out and now the treble performance is shockingly close to my Kef LS50s (and everything else is much better).


Just began my listening to Buchardt 400 MK2. Initial impressions: substantially better than original. Now I'm running on an Anthem pre/pro and Emotiva power amps , which was not available for the original go around. 

So, with that being said....wow these are really fine speakers. They sound sweet. The sound is clear, not tentative, no holding back, just a wonderful sound. Do yourself a favor...check these out!

Hi Jack...did you get the Tylers yet? I am very interested in your option of those. Cheers. Frank