Buchardt A500, KEF LS50 Wireless, etc. What are your top 3 downsides?

I'm seeing reviews popping up recently for the new version of the KEF LS50 wireless and the Buchardt A500. PS Audio is working on a wireless speaker, too, I gather. Specific models don't really matter. I'm interested in the general approach these products represent.

What you would you list as the top three most important minuses for investing in these speakers as the system? Sonic quality? Likelihood to become outdated by newer technologies? Lack of choice regarding DAC, etc?

Or, if it's really hard to come up with major downsides for these types of speakers, are they harbingers of a larger shift for audiophiles?

I don't have a bias, here. More interested in drawing out your views and experience.
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Kef LS50W’s are finnicky.  I think the electronics have a 50/50 shot of being dead in 10 years.  The app for the ls50’s is awful as is the remote.

Dynaudio felt much better as far as remote control functions, and thr electronics never gave me any issues on the xeo 6’s.

The Buchardts look great!  Room correction on the hub, master sound setting on the speaker, xlr inputs (no room correction), 24/96khz, good remote control.

I think self powered, dsp speakers might be the future audiophiles speaker of choice.  The kids today aren’t into the gear like we were or are.

The ability to amplify each driver with no crossover and add in dsp and you’ve got a hard combo to beat.  You’d think that the engineer of the speaker knows well, how to match amps to the drivers to achieve their desired outcome of sound.
Something else that I really liked about the Dynaudio Xeo’s are that the hub will connect to multiple pairs so you could have 3 or 4 different pairs of xeo’s throughout the house all streaming the same music with no latency issues.  

I’d like to see a shootout between the Dynaudio XD’s and the Buchardts.  They’re similar money and I think it would be a good comparison.

@hilde45 Thanks - overall the Buchardt’s have been wonderful and tend to agree with Darko’s over the top and very flattering description of their sound quality including his comparison to the Kefs. The sound is just so much more fuller, dynamic and just simply more exciting & fun than my prior systems.

That bass... It’s the first thing that’s immediately noticeable after plugging in and the first time able to so clearly differentiate between different instruments that low.

The performance of those two active woofers mounted in the rear is more akin to having a set of very nimble balanced subs at least in my relatively small living room. But whereas in the past I was never completely satisfied with my ability to integrate subwoofers coherently with the rest of my system, it’s a different story with the A500s thanks most likely to the built-in room correction. It did a great job of taming two monster modes that were ripping through my room pre-correction.

It hasn’t been all positives though. I did have some drama during the first few weeks of operations that required fixing. However, Mads has been great and very responsive seemingly answering his email 24/7. He won’t hesitate to send out completely new electronics asap if something isn’t quite right.

Speaking of which, I did discover servicing the speakers is a breeze. It’s been designed so that all of the electronics are in one self-contained, small module that’s easy to remove/re-install.
Have you compared the Bucharedt with the new KEF Wireless II system?

Darko presented a very convincing case for the Burhardt A500.  However, he did not compare them to the KEF Wireless Ils plus a subwoofer.  The addition of a subwoofer could even the playing field.  Of course, it would also substantially close the price gap between the two systems.

The KEF Wireless II is not one-half the cost of the Buchardt A500 after one spends $1000 (or more) for a decent subwoofer (or two small ones).  

Even so, the Buchardt's offering room correction, plus the option to tune the speakers through software adjustments, is pushing me toward the A500s even though I like the KEF wireless II system.   

One last question.  What stands are you using with the Buchardts? 
@mfgillia I'm not really considered a high-end audiophile but I did buy the Buchardt A500 speakers. I'm still questioning whether to keep them or not. I did a head-to-head comparison Sonos play 5 generation 2. These are $1,000 for two. The A500 are $3,300 plus $700 for the Hub which gives you a lot of flexibility that Sonos doesn't give you.

Can I say that the A500 speakers are 3 times better sounding than the Sonos Play 5? I cannot. Twice? Probably.

@mfgillia why are you referring to the room correction when the Buchardt app with the room correction isn't out yet until end of December 2020?

Also have you compared the A500 with Dynaudio Focus 20 XD or XEO 20 ?