BSG Technology Qol Fuse

Does anyone know the fuse rating on the BSG Tech Qol Signal Completion Stage? My owners manual doesn’t list it, the fuse is impossible to read even with a magnifying glass and the company is out of business. Thanks: Larry W.
Dear @lwin  : I think that you need to stay with the original value: 1A or even lower but...........

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

Slow blow. 
SR fuses seem to blow fast at the amp rating. Plus they are expensive, thus, go a little higher in value. 

Thanks guys ! I haven’t had good luck using Synergistic Research fuses at rating with some gear like my Cary Amps & Preamp & it is frustrating if they blow as soon as you install them. I can take my wife out ( before the virus) for a decent meal for what some of these blown fuses go for. Larry 

Would you have a copy of the manual for the BSG QOL? I bought a unit without manual and have a hard time running it thru the preamp as it makes humming noise. Can you give me any advice on how to run it thru the preamp so I can use more than one device connected to it? I would appreciate any help. Thanks
@kostek52 I have mine connected after my preamp. Take the connectors that are running from your preamp to your amp and connect them to the Qol. Then run another pair of cables to your amp. To avoid confusion do input 1 & output 1. Hopefully you have an extra pair of cables to use. Best wishes: Larry