BSG - QOL Anyone still using theirs?

I just read about this. Lots of detail back in 2012 but not a whole lots since. Is anyone still using theirs, or has this gone the way of the Dodo?
I just got one from Underwood ($999) and I absolutely love it!
It makes my old CDs from the last century sound so much better.
I'm not kidding, it's worth every penny.

I have and use one (since 2012). I like what it does. It is effected by the power cord and interconnects used.

David Pritchard

Me too...everytime I think of taking it out, I end up preferring the sound with it back in. Just sounds a little more pleasing. I've not really messed around with cords though I do run it through my PS audio regenerator along with everything else. 
Nice to know you guys are enjoying your units. I'm curious about what, if anything, you had to do to set up your room/speakers to accommodate  the differences in soundstaging this unit produces. Or where you able to just plug and play? Any downsides to using one. Better or worse for any particular type of music or recording? Anyone put this in a tape loop?

Awesome unit!  Highly recommended
Had a love hate relationship with it.

Still use it today and it makes music nicer. Do note that i feel the system has been tuned and tweaked for it to well seemlessly and well with the rest of the gear and room acoustics.

However nice additiin it is too me, i clearly remember that it also seems to boost the higher range by 2 to 3 db which i have solved years back by adding more attenuation to the tweeter and works exceedingly now, thats why i said it was tuned to fit in my system.

Otherwise, for that seemingly 3 db uppermids and highs caused pain to my ears back when i first added it.

It can work well in a darker system or if you play music and lower levels.

Just to add, it makes instrument pop more into the room with a wider staging, but with a drawback of also a less focussed center fill especially affecting voices making vocals less pin point and a tad larger than life.
justubes2, Did you have to adjust speaker placement, i.e. moving them closer together and/or altering their toe in to compensate for loss in any center stage definition or frequency peak?
Yes, slight but not to the recommended that you use much less toe in.
I agree with Ozzy. An awesome unit. I daisy chain mine for better effect..



I thought of copying a CD with it, and then playing back that copy with it again. Never had though.

I still use mine all the time.


just put one into the system a week ago. What power cords have you guys been using with success?
QOL has a permanent place in my system. I am using a Shunyata PC.


I'm using all Cerious Technologies cables through out.



I see you have some Cerious speaker cables up for sale. What are you replacing them with?