BS Node 2i: WiFi or Ethernet..?

Greetings from snowy Chicago.

My rig:

Bluesound Node 2i
Chord Qutest (with Teddy Pardo LPS)
Belles Soloist 1 int am
Dynaudio Special 40s

I stream Tidal mostly and my router is in the same room as my Node in the basement and I have very strong wifi signal.
But, cant direct connect the Node to network w/o running a 15’ cable.

My question:

- Has anyone heard better SQ results by using ethernet connectivity with Node 2i compared to just using WiFi?
- Am curious if using a wireless "access point" then connecting it to Node 2i via ethernet would sound "better".

Any thoughts or experiences out there?

Yes, I added an Audioquest PC to the Node 2i.

Did I hear a difference...?...not sure. 

Just really wondering about placing a wireless access point device next to my Node 2i then running ethernet...

I don't have Node 2i, but in general you only send data (in packets) over WiFi or Ethernet.  As long as data sent is the same - sound quality should be the same.  If anything, WiFi should be better, since Ethernet can inject electrical noise (in spite of galvanic isolation in Ethernet standard).
I had dropouts with WiFi, but it is perfect now, after switching to 5GHz.
Interesting how two people with the same Node 2i could have such different outcomes using aftermarket power cords. I tried using a Pangea Power Cable with Cardas Copper with my 2i and noted no improvement. First time trying Pangea, I returned it and am still using the stock power cord.

The Supra CAT 8 Ethernet cable was a clear winner over the stock cord.
@ianrmack ,
I, too, tried an Audioquest PC to the Node, and like you, didn’t hear much of a difference.
As far as connecting the Node. I used Wifi on the 5ghz band and never had an issue with dropouts, nor did I find the sound disappointing-Mind you, I never compared direct wiring vs. Wifi.
Ethernet cable is cheap-unless you want to go buy some Audioquest bulk wire (which I did), and 15 feet isn’t very long. So, if it isn’t too difficult to snake, I would give it a try.
BTW, your Qutest would probably sound better with a better power cable rather than the Node.

Paid like $75 for the AQ PC for Node. Check. Base covered.
I have my Node 2i on 5ghz, too, and signal is STRONG and I never get drop-outs.

Since my modem and router are in same room as Node, I could easily just run a test piece of wire over. Wonder how to reconfigure now...;-)

Re. my Qutest - have a Teddy Pardo linear power supply for it and THAT was a great upgrade. Have some other PCs around and will see.

In general, I am VERY pleased with the SQ I am getting.
Just looking to tweak a bit...if possible.