bryston14b to krell 400

one amp 6000 as to the difference worth the extra loot???? new to hi-end,any help on matter thks.
If you mean the FPB400cx then yes. You should be able to get it for around 5-6K. 14B is no slouch either but Krell will be more musical.
Diagree with above.,Ath this speaker matching ios important.Allready owned a pair of Maggies and everybody including engineers and Brston said cheaper Bryston was better (and a very popular match with Maggies) but Krell costing more would sound worse.Maybe because it's ribbon/plnnar and that's it.In 90's many speakers manufacturers used Krell to display speakers because for many piston spekears) nothing grips and controls bass like Krll Class A.But their highs are clean (as are many other speakers but can sound etched "etched".To me Krell mids sound metallic *and not just because I am a tube guy-I'd go Plinius against Krell any day).And this from a guy who sold Krell for 6 years.Get as many oppinions as possible starting with spaker manufacturer, (and othjer component makers) and as many sources for "synergystic " matc before you plonk down.All said and done you may audition and get a majority or plurality of Krell thumbs up and go with it (if you do gte Cardas cables!!!).But synergy and mactching at this price point m,akes sense not rushing to th Blue light special at K-Mart.
I have never heard a Bryston amp that sounds as good as a class A Krell. I admit I haven't heard every one out there but quite a few. This coming from someone that used to work for a tube amp manufacturer.
sorry,14b-sst and 400cx.6k diff is wild.if your front end is moderate[sf-cd1 & sf-L2] with old b&W 802Mat for speakers,is a little more musical worth the six large???? if anyone has a good solid amp to go with my system,please advise.runnin a 4b-st right now and would like a bit more drive,thks.
not worth the difference.
Worth every penny the difference.
Did you get that? :-)
if you don't run the best speakers,why would you need the best of the best amps.the krell and bryston are the only amps i have heard about.any good suggestions on an amp to run with my system???? thks
I have heard some not so good speakers perform very well just because the amp was capable.
I have gone through lots of amps through the days of my system. I started with a 4B-NRB, then a Legacy/Coda Powerbloc2 (big improvement), then a set of Legacy Monoblocs (lesser improvement), then a McIntosh MC-352 (very nice improvement especially in musicality), and finally to a Krell FPB-300c. The Krell amazes me in its detail and imaging, and I find it to be very musical. For me it is a good, noticeable improvement over the Mac, and well worth the money I spent.

System synergy is very important as mentioned above. I once tried a great tube ampÂ…for me it was horrible.

I get the feeling Krell has this "etched" reputation based on their older amps because I do not find this to be the case on the newer stuff.

Keep in mind, when it come down to the $$$ being spent here, we really don't NEED any of this, so it is up to you to decide if it is worth the difference. The best advice is to try to audition. Or, buy as cheap as you can here on AgoN, and have the ability to resell with minimal financial loss (just shipping hopefully).

Good Luck
thks all,think i may give Plinius 250 a try???? might fit my system o.k. peace to the season of giving ...
Let us know what you think after you've spent some time with it.
IF you consider giving Plinius 250 a try, you should give Pass Labs' amp a try, Alpeh,, X-.5 series or XA