Bryston XLR vs Pangea Premier SE XLR

Bryston XLR vs Pangea Premier SE XLR. Does anyone have a preference or experience of these XLR  cables or have recommendations of other brands.  Both cables are available from Audio Advisor and are under $300.00 a pair 

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Tried Pangea power cords, the AC9 SE MKII and the AC14 SE MKII and they sucked the life out of my system.  Back in went all my Shunyata cords and I have been happy ever since.
I Have top of line XLR balanceded silver Anticables if you can use.  [email protected]
Bryston vs Pangea XLR.  These are two completely different cables.  Bryston uses the Van Damme XLR cable, which is a stranded silver-plated copper wiring.   The Pangea uses pure Cardas copper (which is possibly solid-core) in an oversized PTFE air tube.  The Pangea is likely to sound warmer and more natural.  Bryston would be brighter/faster, but with a possibility of sounding harsh or sterile, depending on the system, because of the silver-plating.  It really depends what you want to accomplish.