Bryston vs. Plinius

Does anyone have direct experience with Bryston vs Plinius? Specifically, this is about the 250w/ch bryston vs the 175w/ch plinius. The speakers will likely be revel gems or totem mani2. Any thoughts are welcome. Mostly nearfield listening in mid size room with jazz, r and b and rock. thanks. Mike.
What Plinius is 175wpc?

that would be the 8200 p. thx
Hey Tok,

I believe he is referring to the 8100P MkI. If I'm not mistaken, it put out 175 WPC. I understand that all Plinius amps have the Plinius signature sound but the amps all have subtle differences in the components, (Power supply, caps and such), so they all sound slightly different. I do prefer the Plinius's overall sound better then what I've heard from Bryston but that is all to the individuals taste and associated equipment. If you can, get them both home and demo them with your system and hear what you like and don't like for yourself. Good luck and happy hunting.......John
i use to own a pair of totem tabu and was driving them with a bryston 4b and it was just enough,the mani-2 is more power ungry and need at least a pair of bryston 7b
good luck
I auditioned the Plinius SA-100 III and a Bryston 4BST. The Bryston sounded very clean and accurate, but a little bright. The Plinius was very smooth and had great bass. I liked the Plinius more.
What impedance are the Totem's ? Sean
Sean, the mani2 is a 4 ohm speaker and very tough to drive according to people who are smarter than I. Mike
I have had Plinius amps. I have heard Bryston amps (but never owned one). Plinius amps (besides the SA102 and SA250mk4) tend to sound a little dark for me. Especially in the upper frequencies. The Plinius midrange is very nice and a little warm. The Bryston sound I have heard is a pretty clean but a bit sterile. I have always considered that a lot of the Bryston sound comes from professional amp design which stresses clean and powerfuk but sterile sound. I am sure this varied from amp to amp in their product line.

So I would recommend Plinius. Only because I made that same choice abour 4 years ago, and did not regret it until I changed speakers and needed to get a different amp to match my Mahlers (I went for Amggie 3.6's which Plinius amps sound great driving).

It depends on the speaker you are matching with. If the speaker is forgiving, warm, natural sound, the Plinius might be over the top. If the speaker is neutral, fast, lean, detailed, the Plinius might add a welcome touch of music.
In that respect, my first hand experience is that Bryston amps are not well suited to low impedance / difficult loads. You can find a few others stating similar opinions in the AA archives and in Stereophile via their review of the 7B monoblocks. They didn't come straight out and say it, but they did make it quite clear that other amps of lower or similar power rating were able to drive the same loads without a problem while the Bryston was going into clipping quite frequently. With that in mind, i would think that there would be better candidates to use with your specific speakers.

As to Plinius, i have very limited experience with any of their gear. That was within a system that i did not know at all but did run a three piece Metronome brand transport, DAC and power supply with some custom built speakers. The presentation that came from that system was lean, bright, sterile and gave me an instant headache. Others have told me that Plinius gear is typically quite warm and smooth, but that is not what i heard from that ONE system. As such, i can't really pass judgment one way or the other.

Obviously, others may agree / disagree with my observations, but that has been my experience with the two ears that i have : ) Sean
I had Bryston a Bryston 4B and liked it. I have a pair of 7B's now and love them. Sterile? Perhaps, but I've always paired them with tube preamps.

There is a Portland Oregon store (Fred's Sound of Music) that always demos it's Mani-2's with Bryston a Bryston 4B. They have an awful lot of choices, and they seem to think Bryston/Totem is a good match.

I haven't spent a lot of time listening to Plinius gear, but from what I have heard, you won't go wrong with either marque.
Between the two I would go for the Plinius myself, better mids and more musically involving overall, but that is just me.
I have a Plinius 8200 int. amp and through a good set of speakers ( I have the new Meadowlark Osprey) it can sound either bright or warm, depending on what interconnects and power cords are used with it.About 22 years ago, I worked for a high-end dealer who carried the Bryston line.It was a very well-built amp( they had the 1B,2B,3B,and 4B amps even then in the beginning )but their sound then was a little bright and strident. The rock and roll fans loved this sound. I have not heard any of the current Bryston amps but I would think that they are better than the original.I am suggesting that if you audition a Plinius amp in any good environment and it sounds too warm or too bright in any of the ranges,check the associated equipment and especially the interconnects and power cords.They can make or break this excellent amp.
Ok i will give you my humble experience between the two,
I own plinius this will match great with the totem, and
the plinius are so musical, the sa 100, the sa 102 is
even one of their best, i heard bryston so many time
but i never got involve,for me they are not that musicl,
but they do give 20 yr warranty, who knows maybe my taste
is differrent from yours, although with the sonic of
bryston would probably pair better with the revel.