Bryston VS Musical Fidelity

Hi gang,

I'm looking for opinions on this. Has anyone compared
The Bryston 4BSST to the Musical Fidelity A5 power amp?
OK. Let's throw another amp into the mix.
How about a Rotel RB-1090? That's a
380WPC dual Mono amp. Two transformers
four power supplys, plus it's only 2K.
Where are you located? I live on Staten Island and might be able to help you in your decision. Email me off list or at least let me know.

TVAD,I owned a Belles,which has tubes in the Pre amp, and Iowned a VAC Avatar,and have owned several CJ pieces over the years; I even questioned Fleming Rasmussen of Gryphon about using a Tube in the pass through for the tube sound.
I have probably spent more on tube gear in my life than most people spend all together on all equipment. Plus the Integrated I own now, has a $250 pair of Telefunken tubes. What walk, and what talk am I missing? Plus it is possible that everyone 'needs'something different than they want.
Advise is only valuable if it broadens the perspective of the enqirer.
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