Bryston vs. McCormack with the Modwright 9.0

I'll spare you the backstory...doing some system changes. Will soon be trying some class D amplification but want to have some "traditional" high power amps on my short list too.

Needs/Wants: Max $2500 used, running Single ended, need at least 400W into 4ohms, want warm, big soundstage (I despise edgy/detailed and ultimately (to me) fatiguing sound.

I've heard great things about the Mccormack's but their model numbering and mods confuse the *&^% out of me. I've had great results with modded an older modded one may be more desireable for me than a new stock one.

Bryston...I've been impressed with what I've heard, lover their rock solid support, but have no idea if one model's more musical than others etc.
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Of course, OK to reply with experience without the 9.0 (general amp characteristics, etc).

Other recommendations welcomed long as meet above criteria.
Odyssey Audio Stratos amp. Can be had new anywhere from 1200.00 to 2500.00 depending on the extras you may want. I have had 7 different solid state amps in my system and this one is the "keeper". Many excellent reviews on the web. I went for the dual power transformers, all the extra capatance, high end wiring, etc and their best circuit board. At 2500.00, it blew away my Classe 15 amp which sold for 2995.00 and bested all the other solid state amps I had put into my system. No listener fatigue with this amp and it is very easy to follow the individual lines of whatever instrument you want to concentrate on.
The Odyssey Stratos amps are wonderful. You might also find a Belles amp for around your price.
McCormack!!! Especially the DNA-1 185 watts at 8 ohms 370 at 4 ohms.
I'm using mine to drive modified Magnapan MG-12s(Magnestand)
Can be had cheap and then modded to fantastic effect. I got mine cheap on eBay.Loved the sound. Then contacted Steve McCormack and had the Silver plus upgrade, and for now(at least) I'm thrilled. Total cash outlay including mods $2000.00
You know you can't go wrong,when you call McCormack the man answers his own phone.He can answer any and all questions without hesitation.
If you need more info email me offline.
FWIW, I find the Bryston's a bit grainer but less foward than the McCormacks.