Bryston verses Pass Labs

Has anyone compared the Bryston 28BSST to the comparable amp from Pass Labs??

I have a lot of experience with Bryston and now own the 28B-SSTs (very impressive amps) but, from my experiences, these mono blocks are a progressive and satisfying leap forward for Bryston. I had the 3BST a long while ago, lived with the 4BSSTs for some time too and while they are fine amps in their own right, the 28's are much more refined and comparable to the best amps I have owned or have spend a lot of quality time with...Pass Labs NOT being on of those amps...

If you have some comments to make about the 28's compared to the best Pass has to offer, I would very much appreciate it.

I, too, would like to know more about the new 28's from Bryston. A few years back, I swapped out a pair of Pass X-600's for a pair of 7B-SST amps to drive my B&W 800's. I was amazed how much better performance I attained with these amps, which were by the way about half the cost of the Pass Labs. From what I gather, the 28's are really awesome. Plus, the 20 year warranty sounds pretty good, too.
I have had some experience with the 7Bsst's vs the Pass 350.5 amp. The Bryston has more bottom end control and the treble has gotten better and better on the Bryston amps. But I still think the Pass is more satisfying in the long run. Even Pass will admit that you won't get the bottom end with a mosfet no feedback design. But I still liked the Pass better overall. It had more depth and better high end timbre. You gain a lot from the short speaker wires on the monoblocks and the XA monos I now have are better still. But if the Bryston is half the price I'd look twice.