Bryston to release SP-2 pre/pro

For the Bryston fans, I thought you might be interested to know that Bryston will soon be releasing the SP-2, the newest version of their preamp/surround processor. I sent an E-mail a few days ago to inquire about having my SP-1 upgraded to the SP-1.7, and received a reply that suggested I wait for the release of the SP-2, due soon. For owners of SP-1's, the cost to upgrade to the SP-2 will be $1800.
The sp2 was release yesterday.
I have heard that Bryston has added a lot of Multichannel features. Such as, a room EQ and individual speaker xover points.

Does anyone know the cost to upgrade from the SP-1.7? Or a link to the list of added features?

I know, if I email they'll get an answer to me right away, but I am sure they are being pounded with mails as it is, so in the interest of productivity maybe someone could share the info with me =).
I spoke to James Tanner yesterday.On the first day of release they had 50 units ready to go and were back ordered approx. 150 units.If you order one today it will be approximately a 4 week wait.