Bryston sst2 series or Parasound Halo series?

I currently have Revel Performa f-52's for the fronts and A Revel Ultima voice for the center, and Revel Performa m-20's for the rears. Currently running with 5 Maratnz MA-700 200watt mono blocks. The system sounds very good but I want to take it to the next level. Looking to upgrade the amps. Looking at possibly the Parasound Halo series or the new Brystons. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Warranty, resale.
Otherwise the amp you are interested in are pretty equal.
I bought the Bryston 4B-SST2 and BP-26 after careful auditioning. To go with my Magnepan 3.6s
The Bryston are a little pricier. But they have that great warranty. How happy have you been with your choice? The Revels don't tend to be as open as the Mags that I have heard but I am hoping the right amp will help in that direction.
Very satisfied. I bought the Bryston 4B-SST2 new, this past Spring, and it is all I could want at the price.
The only other amps I considered were the J.Curl Parasound at twice the price for the amps. I considered Pass as way beyond my price range. I thought about Classe. but could not audition one locally.
As for sound, the Bryston beats my old amp Forte' 4a in quality. by a respectible margin. Mostly i am a big nut for high frequency purity, clarity throughout the audio range and smoothness. The Bryston via a Furman REF20i power conditioner is all I think I will ever need. (the Furman adds a bit of all I desire to the Brystons already good sound.)
If you want clarity, a good conditioner is a great help. Most power conditioners tend to 'thin' the sound a little bit/tiny bit, and tighten the bass, so if you can be happy with the tradeoffs, get a good one. I found the Furman here on the goN for $1,400 and close enough to drive there for pickup.
As for Bryston gossip, most of the 'old' gossip is about Bryston sounding hard or not musical, but that changed with the SST version, and Bryston got even better with the SSt squared version. I can tell you I am really fussy and the Bryston is all i wanted. I started to think about Bryston as worthwhile when I saw some folks who do reviews had them it thier own reference system. The BP-26 preamp is a hidden gem. So yes i am really satisfied with Bryston. And I listen to music all day every day now that i am retired..
You are a very lucky lady!! Thanks so much for the insight. I use the Monster HTS 3600 MK11 power conditioner. Not too bad, but it's funny that a buddy of mine suggested upgrading my power conditioner just yesterday. Furman was on the top of his list. I have the BDA-1 DAC by Bryston and I love it for sound and build quality. I also use the Arcam av9 as the preamp.The music is played by a Sonos music server and the BDA-1 is a great match. My system doubles for music and movies. So not as pure as your 2 channel system. But what can I say, like so many others, I want the best of both worlds. I'm only about 6 years into this hobby but having a heck of a lot of fun.
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Better listen to a Halo A21 before deciding Its truly an outstanding amp!Do some research on it!Just to through this in the mix of power conditioning for amps that wont thin the sound at all, I installed a PS audio Soloist Premier inwall conditioner just for my A21 and its never sounded pinched strained congested or anything negative. It only brought out the best in fact dynamics where louder. Just for an ideaa of its abilities PS audio recommends placing one before all of its conditioners, even the Power plant premier. I use a Quintet on a seperate line for my frontend and tv.
pretty close. I have had the 7 sst and the JC-1's and it's a toss up. Haven't had the SSt2 in my system, to tell if there's a huge difference. But I loved both amps with my Maggies.

Byrston's have a really special match with Maggie. I love the sound of them with a tube preamp in the mix.
"Are you interested in the multichannel amps or mixing 2 channel and 3 channel?"
I am open to suggestions. I have even thought of using a 5 channel using 2 on the fronts hi and low each and the 5th would drive the center. I'm not familiar with ATI but they seem pretty versatile. I thought about using Halo A-21 in mono mode but I'm told they need an 8ohm load when in mono. My Revels run at 6.5.
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I'm not really running out of power so much. I'm looking to increase detail and open up the sound stage. I also have the Revel B-15 sub with the crossover set around 60. So the sub should be handling a lot of the heavy lifting. My preamp is the Arcam AV9. Been pretty happy with it overall. But I don't think I'm getting everything I can out of the speakers. That review was very interesting.
What would your thoughts be putting the ATI 3003 and the Bryston 6b head to head. Witch do you think would be the better sound match for my Revels?
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Hello Greywolf: You probably should consider the Sanders Sound Systems Magtech amplifier. I have owned many great amplifiers over the past 52 years (meaning I'm an old audiophile) and the Sanders Magtech is a remarkable amp. Has a 30 day free trial period and a lifetime warranty. I honestly believe if you hear your Revels with this amp you'be amazed. As an old commercial on TV years ago said "Try it, you'll like it". Great listening to you.
Bob, your a great guy,Thanks for the info..........!!!
Hello again Greywolf. Bob Reynolds did give you good advice. You should listen to an amplifier before you buy it. I had a 30 trial on the Magtech and I bought it. I am driving Duntech Sovereigns and it is outstanding. I have owned the Duntech's for almost 24 years (they are very big speakers, 74"H, 18"W & 33"D and weigh in at 375lbs each. They were designed by John Dunlavy when he owned the company in Australia. He was an American and he moved back to Colorado and started another company called Dunlavy Audio. All his speakers were great. Do some research on the Sovereigns and there have great reviews on them. The Magtech amp will drive any speaker on the planet. 500 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 900 watts into 4 ohms (will play down to 1/4 ohm). And as I mentioned in my previous thread you can try them for 30 days at no cost to you and they have a lifetime warranty. Go to the website Sanders Sound and you can read all about the products and the company. Happy listening.
The b-15 has a 3 band built in equalizer. They also have a set up disc for it. I used a sound meter with the disc and the program told me what to where to put the settings on the sub equalizer. The speakers are set to small and the av9 crossover is set to 50. The low pass filter on the sub is off and the high pass is all the way up. The room size is an odd 15'w x 46'l.What are your suggestions?
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the speakers are on the short wall 8' apart and 12' from the listening position.
"Byrston's have a really special match with Maggie. I love the sound of them with a tube preamp in the mix."

highjack, i know, but which tube preamp would you recommend, MacDad?
I love mine, Cary SLP98p F-1, or the next up in the Cary Line the SLP 05.

Can't go wrong with any of the ARC Pre's, and they are not for everyone, but I love the sound of McIntosh gear.

I also heard the VTL top pre recently, with a Bryston 14b sst, sounded excellent. Driving some Vandy Quatros, was very, very nice.