Bryston SST, McCormack DNA, or Parasound Halo?

Hi everyone. I'm looking to step into speakers world from headphones world. The speakers will most likely be a pair of Usher BE-718. I'm considering Bryston 2B- and 3B-SST; Parasound Halo A-21 and A-23; or McCormack DNA-125 and 225. I'm not sure if I'll need more than the 100-125 watts the lower-rated amps in each line provide, but the better headphone amps are almost always over-built, so I thought maybe speaker amps are similar in that way.
BTW I'll use the Benchmark DAC1 USB to drive the power amp.
All of your choices are OK. I would give the nod to the DNA 125 and the 225 better still.
You have only Solid State listed. If you really want the three dimensional sound stage you might want to consider tube power amps or all tube integrated amps.
The single most critical thing that makes tube equipment desirable to me is that the tube amp is capable of producing halographic music. Tube power is magical in terms of soundstage and giving you 3D imagery. Don't rule the tube option out because some ridiculous arguement that they are all a pain to use and are high maintenance.
Just do as little tube rolling that you can. Curiosity led me to tube rolling. It is not required.
Can't speak to the Halo amps, but if you're after a fuller, more robust sound with denser/more powerful images (relatively speaking that is) I'd lean toward the McCormack. If you prefer a quicker, lighter, clearer, and more airy 3-dimensional presentation the Brystons might be better.

I think Wes Philips found the Tiny Dancers really appreciated more power in his Stereophile review, so unless you've got a small room or listen at low levels they might give you more with the bigger amps if you can afford them. I would doubt they sound bad with the little guys though.

Given that you're planning on driving the amp directly with the DAC1 I'd probably gravitate toward McCormack (the Bryston might sound a tad lean in that setup), and you'd save a good bit of dough and get a great amp if you can find a used DNA 0.5 Rev. A or DNA 1 Rev. A. If you don't like what you hear you can sell the McCormack at virtually no loss given how they hold their value.

In any event, hope this helped and best of luck.
I listened to the 2bsst and the 3bsst and they were both nice but I went with the McCormack DNA 125 and have no regrets. The 125 is perfect for a high performance monitor, for larger speakers the 225 would be a good choice. I thought the Brystons were thin sounding but these things are system dependant so auditioning is best.

I have the 125 and RLD 1 pre and really like the way they sound in my system. The 125 replaced an Anthem Amp 1 tube amp which was a great sounding amp but the McCormack is better plus it doesn't even break a sweat with low impedance speakers like a tube amp will. Spearit Sound in Boston has demo 125s and will also give a good deal on new.
I had the 718's and they can't be overpowered. They love current. I had them hooked up to a pair of Monarchy SM pros running in mono. They put out about 80 watts but have plenty of current drive and are very quick. Great combo. Of the amps you mention, I would really like to hear them with the big McCormick.
I noticed this thread and, please don't take this as a shameless plug, I have a McCormack DNA-225 that's been sitting unused for a while (the upgraditis bug bit.) Just haven't gotten around to posting it here for sale. Email me for more info.