bryston ss series vs. classe ca-201

has anyone compared sonics of these 2 amps??
I listened to the Classe and Bryston 7bsst quite a bit recently when I was upgrading amps. I felt the Bryston was better, in that it was faster and produced bass powerfully whilst remianing lovely on the top end. I thought the Classe was a bit soft.
My vote goes to the Bryston.
Although I haven't compared these two amps, I will attest to the Bryston 7BSST as being a giant killer. I replaced my awesome Pass Labs X-600's driven by an X-1 preamp with the Bryston amps and BP-25 preamp and was stunned how much better sound the Bryston setup was over the Pass system. Definitely one of the hottest amps out there.
I'm in the market for a new amp and I am considered the above two but thought the Mac 501 might be given an audition also. Is there any comparison? Any opinions