Bryston SP2

Hi, anyone using this processor? Opinions pleas! It looks very cool, although I notice that it does not have HDMI connections. Is it worth 5k?
IMHO, not any more. New models with HDMI on the horizon.

I'd wait for the Bryston SP-3
Thanks for the responses....any idea when the SP 3 will become available?
It's going to be awhile,maybe summer,
will have a better idea.I can't wait.
We dealers are patiently waiting on Bryston and a few other high end processors to finally release an HDMI offering.

The SP2 is absolutely wonderful, I expect the SP3 to keep the SP2's signature with the addition of HDMI and codecs. I will definetly buy one for myself when released. I'm thinking next summer, though. Ugh!
Thanks again. I'll contact Bryston this week to find out if they can be any more definitive....I'll report back with new info.
I sent an E-mail to James Tanner two days ago regarding the release of the SP3, and he said that Bryston would be showing the SP3 at the next Consumer Electronics show. The SP3 should be released to dealers in late spring.