bryston sp 7.1 or ead 8800 pro?????

thinking of purchasing one of these units. if i go the bryston route i'll need the video switcher. i've heard alot of good stuff about the ead but not much on the bryston. any imput would be very healpful. i have the krell 7.1.
There have been contentious threads about this subject which you can find with a search.

I believe the EAD 8800pro is sonically superior to the Bryston and to the Krell. This is based on lots of listening and comparing.

At the time I decided on EAD over Bryston....I actually WANTED the Bryston to sound better, because I was looking for a solution without video switching because I use an external video processor and let it do the switching.

But, quite simply, I believe that the EAD processors are sonically superior.

Also, the EAD folks have been incredibly responsive to customer input as they have refined the 8800pro software.

If you want more info, feel free to contact me at
I have the EAD 8800pro in the system right this minute comparing it to a Bryston.

Lately I am 70% 2-channel, 25% Movie (Dolby Digital), and 5% DTS:neo6 music.

So far the Bryston/Jolida CDP bypass combo is the superior 2 channel sound (Soundstage, dynamics, and very black). Though the EAD's internal DACs are better than Brystons in 2 channel 44.1khz. Dont misunderstand me though the EAD in bypass is very good. Conclusion--- 2 channel with a decent or better CDP goes to Bryston. 2 channel with built in DACs goes to EAD.

The EAD sounds warmer with Movies. Some soudtracks are better warmer, some are not. Dynamics seem equal. Conclusion--- seems a push to me.

DTS:neo6 music seems more dynamic at lower wolumes with the EAD. But as you get to a mid volume the Bryston seems to open up. The center width control on the Bryston may give it an advantage. I prefer the least signal removed from the left/right. The EAD is a tad warmer here too. The Brystons 5hz increments with sub Xover helps me to better tune bass in my troublesome room. Conclusion--- if you like low volume, then EAD. If you like a little wolume with your multichannel music, well, I say a either one.

The EAD touchscreen remote is the coolest. Thought the solid metal Bryston remote is no slouch.

The full functioning interface on the front of the Processor is a nod to Bryston. My wife to be scoffed at the interface on the EAD.

These are just my very subjective opinions. I suggest auditions before you buy.
Distortion- I am not even involved in this, but I must commend you on an EXCELLENT posting- extremely comparative, and fanatastic little comparison- well done!
that being said, my vote also would be EAD all the way. After enjoyin a Sim Audio Attraction for years (EAD digital board internals), I can heartily recommend EAD, and would move to their latest pice myself if I were to get back into HT...

I'm glad to see you got a hold of an 8800pro for some serious testing. I've avoided running my 2 channel path through any processor. Instead, I run the L and R front outputs from the processor into my 2 channel path. I'm not convinced that ANY processor is totally transparent in bypass mode.

I do use the multichannel bypass for my SACD/DVD-A path. I assume it is quite transparent, but have never a/b'd it to the SACD/DVD-a player outputs straight to I can't really say.

Bottom line for me is that the EAD was superior to Bryston for 7.1 use...which is what I'm using it for. For other uses, experience may vary. I would be interested in you describing what you mean by "warmer" since it means different things to different people.

Also, I should point out that the Center Width and Panorama adjustments are going to be in the next software release for the 8800pro.


Try using the 8 channel bypass as a linestage. I am using my Scout turntable with the 8800. I think the 2-channel anolog inputs on the 8800 convert to digital and back to anolog. I use my DVD players coax output for 2-channel digital so the dac's can be used in the 8800.

Sutts, thanks so much. Even though I am opinionated I try to be fair.

Flemke, I am using 2 of the eight analog inputs on the EAD for the two channel. (I really dont need to try the other 6 because my Jolida CDP resolves better than my Sony SACD). The manual isnt clear on whether it is A to D back to A on the other inputs. It is clear that the bypass inputs are analog only.

Harry, we have disagreed on this very topic before. In retrospect its easy to see why. My needs are different from yours (2 channel vs multi). Toss in different taste and systems it seems evident why you may like the EAD so much.

The bottom line is, this EAD is a really nice piece. Though I am satisfied with my current setup, especially considering the amount of 2 channel I listen to. There are a few things I like about each however. The setup is a snap with the EAD. The EADs face plate is gorgeous. The Bryston gives me the option of using a sub in two channel bypass, plus the Bryston lets me bypass any input, not a select few like the EAD.

Though this whole comparison is rather moot for me. I fully intend to separate HT from 2 channel or at least separate the signal. With that in mind I am even considering downgrading. I have a new house in the works and it will have an 18' by 22' bonus room (above the garage). I am thinking dedicated HT with projector. At the very least I will have a dedicated listening room.

I have my 2 channel path and my HT in the same room. Unless you want separate rooms, it is a breeze to isolate your 2 channel path so it never travels through a processor.....even through a bypass!!!

I also do primarily 2 channel listening, but I love it that my HT takes advantage of my 2 channel path.