Bryston SP 1.7 Vs. Proceed AVP

I don't need my AVP video switching capabilities anymore since I have aquired an Elite Quadscan Pro HD.
What do you guys think? Should I switch?
Do you know of any other Digital Preamp with no video switching?

Bryston has a superior analog pre-amp section. However the AVP's dacs are much better. Because of this with a digital connection, the AVP is going to be more refined. I'm certain of it. I've owned the AVP and audtioned both in the same system. However if you have a stand lone CD player or other source with music, the Bryston is very good. I don't know of a pre-pro with a better pre-amp section. Most people aren't going to use a pre/pro this way so for most I'd say the AVP is a better performer. My suggestion to you is that you keep the AVP and just ignore the fact that you don't need the video switching. To beat it all around is going to cost alot of money as the only thing that I know of that is currently on the market and can beat it over-all is the Theta Casablanca. My .02.

this is what I heard also from my audio store; so I guess I'll stop looking at the SP 1.7 and maybe start considering the outrageously priced (although gorgeous) Theta Casablanca.
Thanks a lot for your two cents, I value them a lot more!