Bryston RM20 Power Conditioner

Opinions on the Bryston RM 20 Power conditioner?
I have two,a 20a balanced and a 60a balanced.
If you ever seen one for sale on here is because they went a
bigger Torus.
these are a major upgrade(even with dedicated lines).
most conditioners can only give what the wall has to offer:
15a or 20a ect.A Torus will give your amps that and more.
50-400a on music peaks(short term).
If your not close to a dealer you can order on line with a 30 day MB guarantee.
The Torus site will tell you to add up all the amperage that
your components and amps will want,so say with the audio gear and a sub+ tv the amperage is 14a total then a 20a would be perfect.Or if everything was 30a then a 45a or 60a
Torus would be good.
I haven't met one person who wasn't totally happy with the Torus.
Sound wise the only way I can describe the Torus is if you
have been riding a honda 90 for a few years and your friend lets you ride his Harley 1200,very authoritive,They are that dramatic(A GOOD THING indeed).I have used a few TOP name conditioners and they DO NOT COME EVEN CLOSE to the Torus.
Like I say they have a 30day trial,if you like your music,
then the Torus won't be going back.
They also have different face plates also if you check out thier site.I just type in torus piu,hope that helps.
What other power conditioners have you compared them to? Thanks, Husk
Shunyata was one of the top,I had a hydra 6(components)and hydra 2s for the amps on 6 dedicated lines.
I liked the shunyatas,but the Torus took the music so much further.huge sound stage,lots of separation between the
instruments and very authoritive bottomend.
For me these really stir up music,gets you emotionally involved more than anything else I've tried.
Like anything if you can try before you buy,then you will know.
that's what I like about their 30 day trial,you get to check her out at your home,with your music.
I haven't heard of anybody selling there's except to PU a bigger Torus.My 20a balanced I picked up here as it was a superb deal.I believe the seller went with a 60a or 100a
He was running 3X28B-SST2 across the front and 14s across the back plus a couple of JL subs.
Having power in reserve makes a huge difference for the amps and your music.
I might upgrade a preamp,cdp,speakers,but the Torus(s)are keepers for me as they make a huge difference that you really hear,you don't have to think or imagine,it just is.
Maybe your dealer will let you try one out at home and even
some others.then you can decide.