The early BP-26/MPS-2 was sold with a remote as standard.
It was an all aluminium item, quite often referred to as a brick.
It was availble in silver or black to match the finish of the preamp and power supply.
It was discontinued a few years ago at which time the BR-2 became an option. The retail price for the BR-2 was reduced from $500 to $350 as compensation.

My question:
Is there any one who has upgraded to the BR-2 and still has their "PREAMP REMOTE" stored away somewhere?
If it is black and like new, please drop me a private message if it's for sale?
So you are looking for the two button remote? Up Down volume is all it had if I remember?
I got my BP-26 right after they stopped including the remote, though my dealer said it came with it when he sold the BP-26 and 4B-SST2 to me. So he got me the BR-2 for mine at no charge to me.
I remember seeing the 'smaller' remote, the volume only on at the dealers place back when.
Thanks for the reply.
Elizabeth, when did you get your BP-26/MPS-2/BR-2? Seems your purchase was timed with the changeover! The BR-2 is nice, but far too many buttons that will not get used in my set up! Who was your dealer? They may still have that basic remote?
The early BP-26 was sold with a remote as standard.
It was available in silver or black to match the faceplates.
It had four buttons for four functions:
1. Volume up,
2. Volume down,
3. Mute, and
4. Phase.

If you have one or know of one lying unused please let me know? Alternatively place a post in the for sale section?
I prefer a black unit in like new condition.
I wonder if Bryston would have a few around, I'd email James Tanner or PH Bryston and ask Mike Pickett or james.
Agree with Drummermithell.
Go to the Audio Circle website the Bryston Circle and ask there.