Bryston Power Amp users - what power cord?

What power cord do you use for your Bryston amp?

Also, do you use any surge protector or power conditioner?
Bryston says to plug them dirctley into the wall. I have for the last few years, but am going to try them into a Brickwall 20amp protecter.
I've had Bryston products for years into I purchased a Pass Labs amp. Plug them straight into the wall. The best power cable I found for the big Brystons was the sidewinder gold from Shunyata.
Rws is correct - Bryston has reasoning for their suggestion on their web site. Use the stock cords. Nothing to be gained by aftermarket cords.
Bryston is now distributing the Plitron filter/conditioners. I expect to see a change in the party line.

chris v's flavor 2 cord are on my friends 7sts and he has it connected to psaudio ulhc with great results
I use a PS Audio P1000 and it handles the 4BSST quite well. I use a PS Audio statemnet power cord as insurance however i will read their website. Mike
Shortly after I bought my Bryston amps several years ago, I bought some AudioQuest power cords that were on sale at HCM Audio (regularly $120 each, on sale for $49). To be frank, I couldn't tell any difference between the AQ's and the stock power cords.

I have most of my system plugged into Monster Power HTS-2000 power conditioners, which provide a useful -- altho' not dramatic -- improvement in the overall sound quality (mainly reduced noise level).

Bryston amps are designed with professional use in mind, so their circuitry is pretty robust and does not seem to benefit a lot from after-market power cords and gizmos -- at least, that's my experience.
With the Brystons, don’t waste your money with power cords. A Signal Cable Magic Power or a JP Cables “zero gauge” will do just fine if, for aesthetic reasons, the stock cord gets on your nerves. The JP (maybe) sounded a little fuller? Or was I just impressed by something that looks like a Boa sticking out of my wall? Who knows, beyond a certain point, it’s merely hysteria. I tried a few other cords with the Brystons and they always sounded the same. I owned both the 7 BST and 7 BSST. Same conclusion for Pass X-600s. I have dedicated outlets and use no power conditioning for the amps.

The aftermarket power cords were the most telling on the transport, DAC and phono preamp on my system. However, megabuck-priced ones were not part of my auditions. (I have fallen off the expensive PC bandwagon so please take that into consideration.) The Brystons are superb amps, I hope you enjoy them.

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Was using a Transparent PC with my 14BST.Definite improvement over the manufacturers standard chord. If Bryston doesn't recommend after market pcs then why did it send its review sample(14BSST)to one of the audio mags(AIG ?)with a Sunfire chord? Check the reviews of the 14BSST on the Bryston site and figure it out.
PS Have dumped my Bryston for a pair of tube monoblocs
Actually, I recall reading about Bryston not recommending using powerconditioners on manual, but not about using after market PC. I need to look up the manual and website.
Try Pro AC II from Harmonic Tech and see for yourself what was missing from 4B SST.

I currently own the Bryston 7BSST Mono's. I was using the stock cords and driving B&W 801 Nautilus speakers. The bass sound was good but left me desiring a bit more. Please note I am not a bass fanatic just one who desires a balanced sound. My pre is the CAT Ultimate MkII. The CAT uses a Virtual Dynamics power cord. I was able to get a deal on Audiogon for two V.D. Nite power cords and I must say after the A/B comparison with the stock cords that the bass was definitely fuller and deeper. Mids and upper range also benefited. There are different opinions as to the validity of purchasing hi end cords, but I can say that with the deal I received from the Gon the benefit was well worth the investment.
Sunnyboy -
You need to read the WHOLE quote from the review rather than be selective and YOU can figure it out- "it does not accept the common industry-wide 15 amp power line plugs, but only 20 amp plugs. This, in turn, may call for installing a new plug, or obtaining a suitable cable directly from the manufacturer. For our test we used a "Sunwire" which was sent along with the amplifier.

Note - it's Sunwire, not Sunfire, and it's a cord, not a chord.
"Bryston has reasoning for their suggestion on their web site."


I couldn't find it. Can somebody give me a link?

Also, on the manual, I found "Power line conditioners will not improve the SST amplifier performance, in fact most of the time they restrict the flow of current to the amplifier, reducing performance at higher output levels"

but nothing about using after market power cord.
I personally called Bryston a few years ago & they said...Plug it directly into the wall and leave it on all the time. Do not use surge suppressors.
Well, I purchased a "Brick Wall" Surge suppressor ( 20 amp one) and plugged the Brystons into it & have not noticed a degrading of the amps output. I feel better with the Brick Wall in between the amp & the main power because I live in Oklahoma. ( Home of the famous Tornado Ally & lightning storms)

I currently have Bryston 7bsst's driving B&W Nautilus 801's.
I was able to get a very good deal here on audiogon on a pair of Virtual Dynamic niteII power cords, and yes IMO it did make a difference, not huge, but a difference. The bass was deeper and fuller.