Bryston owners: What speakers are you using?

Just curious as to what speakers you've got mated with your Bryston gear. I've got PSB Stratus Silvers (Bryston 3B amp/BP4 preamp). I've had 'em for about 3 years now and I'm coming down with a case of upgrade syndrome.

I'm using a pair of Vandersteen 3A Signatures, plus a stereo pair of Vandy 2Wq subwoofers. For a full description of my system, click on the system link below.
Tyler Acoustics Linbrook monitor's with my 4B-SST. In my case cured the upgrade bug for speakers.
I'm using B&W N805's. sounds great. Incredible what the amp does with those small speakers (they go very deep altough I know logically the range is limited towards the low freq.)

Very lively, good 3D altough I would prefer e.g. a Jeff Rowland for imaging and headroom if a had the money...

But overall I'm very glad I bought the 4BSST

Current speakers are Tyler Linbrook monitors and having recently sold my 4B-SST, I will be picking up my 14B-SST tonight. Whooo-hooo!!!
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I'm using Talon Khorus X speakers with my BP-25/4BST, and OH MY GOD ..... I wish you all could listen to them!!!! If I tried to put to words what I hear/feel from them, I would say.... heart pounding, goose bumps, together with that feeling when you feel your face blush... except the blush is over your entire body and it happens all the time!!! I not over exagerating either.
SP1.7/4B-ST to B & W CDM-9NTs

Pretty good combo, I am looking to upgrade the speakers soon. Considering more B & Ws, Silverline, and Dynaudio, as a start.
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Just a lowly pair of B&W CDM1nt's w/ a B-60...looks like I'm at the bottom of the food chain here...but I'm happy...for now.
Currently a pair of Revel F-30's mated with a Bryston 4B-ST. However, upgraditus has hit and I will be selling both for a pair of Merlin VSM-SE's and perhaps a Belles 150A Hotrod amp.
B&W 9NTs hooked to a Bryston 14 BST.Wife and budget permitting the 9NTs will make way for B&W 802Ns.
do yourself a favor and go check out the gold reference series from Monitor Audio! (GR60s, if you can find them) They are a very good match for any Bryston equipment. Plus they are a bit less expensive than others mentioned in the post and I would bet they are better. I have a pair and they are incredible! Don't buy into that business about MA being "bright". The people who post that have not listened to the new generation. Plus they were probably running silver wires into the older Monitors Audios. Anyway enough of my rant. Go check them out!!!
Sound Lab A-3s, with Bryston 7B-STs.
Quite happy, although I might look into ML 436 monoblocks.
I have the Dunlavy Alethas with a Bryston 4BST, which I think is a great combination.
Hubert G
I recently bought a 4 SBT with a B 25, using my old Audio Focus 75 Speakers. Voices and individual instruments are great and very lively. Larger ensembles especially with classical music lake depths of stage. It seems everything, from the first violene to the Brass are in the front line.
Any suggestion?
I am using PMC mb2-xbd-active - based around customised bryston amps and crossovers. Bryston distribute PMC and vice versa and the components work very well together.
I see this is an old thread. I don't own these amps but have listened to them and have friends who own them. PMC speakers sound best driven by Bryston amps. Go to PMC or Bryston website and you would notice. I have also heard successful partnership of B&W speakers with Bryston.
I use a pair of 1027Be JM labs speakers with a 4b-ST in my HT setup. It is a very good combo IMHO.