Bryston or Outlaw

I am looking to get an for a pair of PMC TB2's. I am not sure where to look though when I really do not want to spend a ton of cash. If you had your choice, I was thinking of either the Bryston 3B or two Outlaw 2200's. Anybody want to voice there opinion?
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for audio...bryston
I've owned the Outlaw model-755 for a couple of years and it's and exceptional amp. I've never had the pleasure of hearing a Bryston so I can't compare, but they're supposed to be very good.

The Byston has a good warranty, but the Outlaw is not bad either. I got five years transferable with mine.

BTW, the Outlaw's (at least the model I have) are actually built by ATI. So between these two I would definately go with the Outlaws. Cheaper with better warranty.

Outlaws customer service is outstanding as well, if this matters to you.
Brsyton is is the one to go with hands down.If you had HT in mind it would cost to go all Bryston but difference in amps timbre,resultion,all paramters would leave outlaw in dust.Outlaw is excellent for a one brand HT set up but Audio Brsyton is also one of the best price to performance amps inall Hifi.Get a #B ST with at least 10 years a of warranty if posible.Forget new stuff great but big buckjs.Older 3B (not 3B ST) is very different design and the great leap foward was with ST models.But since there is not (IMHO) enough of a price differewntiual for ones 4 years aols and ones 16 years old try to get warranty just for peace of mind.You won't use it unless you really screw up wirring.It will go for 20 years easy even if 10 or more years old.

Our local PMC dealer used Bryston electronics to drive all PMC range of speakers on demo. You can consider Bryston's integrated as the 3B-ST/SST may be a slight overkill for your TB-2's.
Bryston wins hands down !!
did you realy ask that ?
The Bryston is leagues above the 200. The 200s are good for budget system. The ATI amps are good and have a seven year warranty, but Bryston's is 20.
Forget even the warranty for one sec and Bryston just in construction and sound blows the doors off Outlaw.
If company gives you 20 years warranty, the massage is simple; It wont brake.
I would go for Bryston 4B, "Stereophile" rated as "A" component. Bryston 3B is rated as "B".
My two cents.
It would have probably be more productive just to ask for people's experiences with the Outlaw amps without bringing up Bryston. Comparison of two amps with such dissimilar price tags is fraught with all sorts of baggage.

Make sure you get a copy of the original bill of sale if you buy any recently made Bryston gear (date 0608 or greater). See their warranty page:
I have a bryston 3b st that I ran in my system for about a month. It is detailed and has very well controlled bass.

If you are into earsplitting volume levels, it can deliver all you want.

But in my system I went back to my gold lion kt66 tubed dynaco st70... it kills the bryston in musicality, deep soundstaging, and imaging. The bryston will crank much louder but I listen at low and moderate volume levels and the dynaco smokes the bryston for my listening levels.(go figure?)

I have not heard any outlaw gear.
Dave is right in a lot of his post,what you also want is a amp that sounds equally good at any listening level.Not just loud or just soft.