Bryston or Mcintosh Amps?

Trying to decide if I should step up to the plate and get the 1.2K's or get Bryston 28sst's and save a ton o' cash. I wonder if there is that much difference in sound. Speakers are Mcintosh XRT28's.
There is certainly a difference in sound. I think both companies make excellent amps. It's hard to beat Mcintosh for resale value. Bryston does pretty well too. My wife loves the look of Mcintosh and ask me to buy them as well. The sound of the Mac stuff is so smooth and relaxing and I have grown very accustom to that now. Of course you know that your speakers will mate well with a Mcintosh amp. I have heard the 1.2K but not the 28sst. The 1.2k is a great amp.
would your audio dealer(s)let you audition them at home in your ROOM,using your FRONT,END ect.Then besides the nice blue UV meters
you and your wife's ears could decide which amps satisfies you both emotionally and musically.I do love the look of the
Macs,ive never auditioned them.I did aquire the 28s 3weeks ago
and audition the BP-26 with the 28s.The music was so life like that I ordered the 26 pre.I'm using the av-8 pre for my music now.But if you can let your ears decide.Hope that helps you.
Had 2 Mac's and 3-4 Brystons,not enough diff to worry about it unless you like splitting hairs.This is my system,my ears etc etc,good luck,Bob
I have heard the speakers with Mcintosh 1201s and they were great. You can find them used quite often.
Thanks for the input. I think that I may go with the Mcintosh.
McIntosh speakers should sound better through Mcintosh amps. Since they were designed with Mc amps, I think any thing else will miss the mark of the designers sound.
I asked myself this question years ago and although the Bryston was a close second I have had many Mc amps and never looked back. Always get a good resale, and in all honesty...I love the look.

I really like McIntosh product and the 1.2K's look awesume but I would have to agree with Drummermitchell's thread and not rule out the Bryston 28B SST Squared mono blocks. If I was you I would demo both in your own set-up to hear which you and your wife prefer.
I have a 4B-ST and an MC-252, neither is for sale. Your speakers will possibly make the decision for you if you can demo both. If 28B-SSTs are your idea of saving money, I like your style, it is a pleasant delima, have fun.