Bryston or Levinson for Revel F52

I am looking to upgrade my amp driving Revel F52 speakers. Currently using a Musical Fidelity A5cr. I am looking at moving to either a Bryston 14B SST2 or a Levinson 532H. I would appreciate any input as to which of these might be a better match with the F52s.
Are you sure you need this much power? Have you considered tubes? The F52s are 87.5 efficiency. Feel free to call me 914-438-4988
Don't call me but have you heard either of these two? Why are you considering them and what do you want the amp to do that MF doesn't?
Aren't the Revels voiced with Levinson?
SUPER EASY! Bryston Better sonics better construction BRYSTON!
I too would choose Bryston over Levinson overall, but I'm not sure for the Revels since they are voiced with Levinson?
not sure how useful this will be because i'm yet to hear the 14B SST2 but.....put Bryston (4BSST) in the mix a couple of years ago when i was looking for a new amp. tried Krell, Bel Canto, Levinson and a few others.

ended up with a Levinson 432....and it wasn't a difficult choice for me. the Bryston sounded way to forward with my Aerial's...more so then even Krell. couldn't come close to the luscious/rich sound of the Levinson (or as some would call it....the dark sounding Levinson =) )

tough call without listening for yourself.....good luck.
I thought the MF A5cr was a great combo I've heard with the Revel F52. What sources are you using now? Of the 2 amps, I prefer the Levinson.
Thanks for all the input! I have liked the MF A5cr but would like more bass control and I'm looking for faster transient attack and a somewhat better midrange. For sources I have a Clearaudio Ovation tt that is the primary thing I listen to. Phono stage is the new Manley Chinook and preamp is a Cary SLP03
You have very nice components, almost each piece in the chain would likely affect the sonic outcome. But surely an amp change would bring you closer to your preference. Just to give you more options, try class D amps variety as well as amps from Pass labs. Have fun...