Bryston or Genises B-200 stealth

I now have 2 bryston 4b each mono into transparent super bi wired to magnepan 3.6R. The sound is very nice but if I run past 1 a clock on my preamp (a creek) I get some mid bass rattle. I have been told this is do to bryston not being able to run at 2 or 1 ohm. Should I buy a genesis B-200 stealth to run my 3.6R or another amp ? The claim is this amp will run clean down to 1 or 2 ohms and give me 600 to 800 watts per side. The brystons are 800 watts per side. I did call magnepan and told them about this. Thay told me I was running past what the 3.6R could do when I cranked past 1 a clock.
does any one know much about the Genesis?
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Why don't you try to contact Paul McGowan, designer of Genesis B-200 and owner of PS Audio ( His new amp, which can be considered a much updated and improved version of B-200, should be ready to ship soon.

Alan Hsu
From what I've heard there is a physical limit to the amount of air a maggie can move. If you pump in power past that point it will have no effect other than to cause distortion that often creates a rattle. If you need ear-splitting loudness in a large room the amp is probably not the problem, you'll need a different sort of speaker. The Brystons are IMHO fully capable of driving the Maggies to their maximum sound pressure level.
You have the wrong speakers for ungodly loud music. It will not make any difference changing amps. You are pushing your speakers past there limit thats why you are getting distortion.
IT is strange that folks think I am pushing past the limit.
With the same set up except useing transparent bi plus. I could open past the 1 a clock mark, in fact I could open up all the way. I do not turn it that high for the most part but could till I put the transparent bi super on the system over the transparent bi plus.
At 1 a clock if I am not in the same room it is not all that loud. Some recordings of world music or jazz at 1 a clock is not that loud.
I think Finburg is mostly right about the rattle.

I think I will have to buy a new set up for the other parts of my house.

Any insight into the transparent plus to super change?
Thanks all