Bryston or Aragon

My son is a music lover like I am.  He plays bass and dabbles in audio recording.  Well he’s all grown up now and has his own family and home and he has decided to leave his Yamaha receiver behind and stick his toe into the world of hi fi.  He needs a power amp.  He has done his research, browsed audiogon and talked with me and has decided on either a Bryston 4BST or an Aragon 8008BB.  Both are within his budget on the used market.  Initially the amp will be paired up with an Adcom GFP 555 (I think), a Technics turntable, some kind of CD player and my old Polk SDA 1A speakers.  If you have had experience with either of these amps please share your thoughts. I know there are other options that might fit the bill but he is firm on these two.  Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
I love my Bryston 4B3, but it’s 3 generations newer than the 4BST your son is considering. I also loved my old Bryston 14BSST (one generation). Unfortunately, I haven’t heard the ST, but it sure had a good rep. And Bryston service is legendary.

On the other hand, I have a friend whose system includes an Aragon 8008 (older version) combined with much costlier components, and it sounds great.

So I don’t think there is a clear answer to your question, and I bet your son will enjoy either one. I do see your son is a bass player, and Bryston amps are typically cited for their excellent bass control. For that reason, for their typically great sound, and for serviceability into the future, I would lean towards Bryston.
I can't vote against Aargon,  never heard it,  but I Absolutely love the sound of my Bryston 4Bsst2. 
I used the Aragon with Polk 2.3 SDA's a long time back and they worked well together. For the current price I think excellent. No experience with the Bryson. I'd check that the new company will service Aragon and be sure you can return if not fully operational
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Aragon 8008BB was their Top Tier (Mondial) Dual Mono amp (sharing only the power cord) with Balanced Inputs and a MASSIVE POWER SUPPLY compared to the 8008ST, and mainly or wholly designed by thee Dan DAgostino for Mondial. It's a killer amp and was highly reviewed--warm,yes--tight full bass--NO treble roll off... Highly recommend if reasonably priced !