Bryston, McCormack, SimAudio or Plinius?

Current system: Adcom GTP 500, Adcom GFA 535, Rotel RCD 971, Magnepan SMGa. All but the Rotel are now 12+ years old. Still sound very pleasing but we are now in the process of upgrading. Planning to purchase the Maggie 1.6QR. Our listening room is a 12x20 living room. Primarily 2-channel (classical, jazz, world mostly). Some movies with Toshiba 2109 DVD (no center, surrounds or sub). After much reading on internet, magazines, etc. and visits to a number of stores, we have narrowed our amp/preamp list to the following, which fairly outlines our budget, too. We would greatly appreciate your suggestions on system/cable/IC matching, a sub(?), or other recommendations, especially since A-Bing this equipment is virtually impossible. Thank you! AMPS: the new McCormack DNA 125 (or the 0.5+), Bryston 3Bst, Aragon 8002, SimAudio Celeste 4070se PreAMPS: the new McCormack RLD1 (or ALD1+), Bryston BP25mc, Audio Research LS8mkII, Sim Audio Celeste P5003. Integrated Amps: Bryston B60, Plinius 8150i, SimAudio Celeste I5080 Cable/IC: Nordost Blue Heaven, Nordost Super Flatline, Cardas, AudioQuest.
You may have seen my review on of the BP-25, which I believe is one of the smoothest sounding SS pre-amps available. It is open, detailed, with awesome bass and sweet midrange. It is silent and dynamic. It is also a good investment, as warranty lasts 20 years. I use mine with an Aragon 8008BB, a very powerful and detailed amp which just a trace of SS edge to the highs. I am currently seeking a better amp such as Plinius, Ayre, Sim Moon, or tubed gear. Good luck with your search--we'd like to know what you settle on.
I say McCormack all the way, personally. I own the DNA-1 with the TLC-1 preamp and A/Bed against the Bryston 3BST, 4BST, and BP-20 & BP25 preamps as well as the Bryston BP-60 integrated, and felt the McCormacks were more natural and pleasing to my ears. The McCormack has a quite different sound than the Adcoms you're used to--much in the same way as I felt it beat the Brystons. However, Bryston is a good match for Maggies and may be more like waht you're used to.With McCormack, I like MIT cables--much better than audioquest imho. good luck.
I have purchased and listened to a handful of used pre-amps in the last 6 months, including the Bryston BP-25MC ,of which I have read at least 5 rave audio reviews as well as 16 owner reviews which includes the BP-20(same exact curcuitry as BP-25 less remote)and while it does everything quite well,I still preferred the sound of tube preamps.I put the Bryston up against a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Signature and the tube sound was detailed ,highs were smoother and more natural sounding in my system.I have a 3BST and was eager to see if there would be some sort of Bryston synergy.Right now I am using the very latest version of the Audible Illusions 3A which incorporates the very latest upgrades,and so far I am very satisfied and the SFL-1 was sold last week and the BP-25MC ,3 weeks ago.I also use MIT cables,the latest version at the top of their High End Series,the Shotgun System and am very pleased with how they perform with my hifi.I have read alot about McCormack amps and how smooth and detailed that they are and I will be buying a used DNA-1 Deluxe and have a comparison with the Bryston.The new 125 is McCormacks brand new replacement for the famed DNA.05 and is said to be improved in every way.I would love to a-b a new DNA-225 in my system.BTW ,Bryston not only has the best warranty in the audio world ,there service is by far as good as it gets! Repairs are in and out on the same day.Most times replacing an internal fuse or possibly dealing with an internal protective curcuit,due to a short caused by the owner.Their products are first rate and built to last.There is a lot of great products out there and everyone has there own preferences.Audition before you buy and where possible ,borrow a piece to hear in your own system .Happy hunting!
These are all good choices. I think the integrateds are too small, though. Your room is not too big, I know, but maggies will definitely benefit from the more powerful amps. The B-60 sounds great but would not play the maggies much above conversation level spl's. I recently audtitioned most of the gear you mention and settled on the SimAudio 5003 and 4150se. The amp is a cross between the McC's warmth and the Bryston's great bass. It has no global feedback (like the Pass amps),it's very extended, lightning quick and it delivers unbelievable current, which will really grab hold of the maggie's. The maggie's will forgive a bit of hardness in the Brystons, and since the 1.6's are warm-sounding to begin with, the McC's may be a bit soft (I've heard the .5 and the 1, but not the 125). The 5003 is a "pick'em" with the Bryston 25. With the Sim gear, I liked Cardas wires, which are rich and smooth. I know Sim likes JPS Labs. Your system will come out great, just don't rush it. Good luck.
I don't have any first hand knowledge of them but I've heard that Simaudio is really good stuff. I'm looking at the Simaudio Moon 700i v2 for the amp in my new system.