Bryston/McCormack Marriage

I have a McCormack DNA.5 Rev A amp. Although I'm inclined toward purchasing a McCormack pre to mate with the .5, I'm looking for alternatives to give me the most bang for the buck. Primary listening tastes are rock and jazz.

Speakers will be upgraded later this year, and I haven't decided what that upgrade will be.

I've heard lots of good things about Bryston pre's at the $1k-$1500 used point (there are alot of BP20's and BP25's around that price); does anyone know what kind of sound this match would put out or if they would mate well?

Also, has anyone had a good experience mating other brands with the McCormack gear?

Thanks for the response.

Find a nice transparent tube preamp and go with it. Whatever you do don't ruin yourself by getting a passive pre-amp. Once you hear it you will be ruined for life. They are just so transparent that any active linestage under $5000 won't compete. Yes, the passive's generally lack dynamic kick, which an active stage will give you.

Good luck,
I have a McCormack DNA0.5 revB with a (tubed) sonic frontiers Line1 and the combo works well: a somewhat solid-state sounding tube preamp with a slightly tube-sounding solid-state power amp. I'm not saying this is the Last Word in tubular sonics, but it offers me the control flexibility I need.

If you do choose to ignore Bob's advice above and try a passive preamp, the DNA has plenty of input sensitivity to allow it. I concur, I used a cheap Creek OBH-12 and it certainly was transparent, though lacking in perceived dynamics...