bryston match b 60

hi i have the bryston b 60 intergrated and i wish to match speakers and a cd player with this but I am not sure ,,I own the paradigm studio 20's 4 home theater [nad reciever]and i was thinking of seperating the 2 so ,can someone help ,I was thinking of checking out quad 11's or revel m20 or totems model 1 etc,and pmc ,,i also looking for an airy open soundstage ,so would the musical fidelity a 3cd player used be good in this set up or should i look for a cheaper older rega planet thanx,,,,vince
I dunno about the other speakers, but I have heard the B-60, Totem Model one's, NOT a good match, the Totems are very happy with lots of power! cheers, Doorman
A local Bryston dealer demos Vienna Acoustics speakers freqently with the Bryston gear. May be worth investigating.
Out of curiosity, how much better is the Bryston vs your NAD?
the bryston in 2 channel about 20 percent better