Bryston integrated or separates

Hi, debating whether to go for bryston b100 integrated or bryston bp16 with 2bsst2. To match with my sonus faber liutos. Have heard it with the integrated, & v happy with the sound, but wondering whether going separates would improve the sound. Apparently the bp16 contains the same preamp as the b100, so maybe v little difference in the end? I can't go for the bp6 or bp26 as they don't have remote control function for input/mode selection. Thank you!
Personally I'd go for the integrated - much more convenient and better value. Unless you plan to tinker in the future, like upgrading the pre or power separately.

An alternative which I think would work better would be the 2bsst (very nice) with a tube pre (having owned the BP26 (average). A tube pre for about the same money would make your SF's really sing.
From all that I have read, B100 integrated and BP16/2BSST2 should sound fairly similar. In this case, I don't think separates would improve the sound.

In my case, I choose Bryston BP25 PRE + 4BSST over the integrated.

You may want to post your question in the Bryston forum on Great bunch of folks over there.

Let us know what you decide!
Definitely get the 4B with any of the Bryston preamps. Preferably the BP26.