Bryston DAC....any experience out there?

Does anyone have the Bryston DAC in their pre-amp or integrated?.....if so, what are your thoughts as compared to other DACs?
Just ordered mine. Seems to be the most neutral that I auditioned--I have ATC 20 studio monitor speakers and they match well because I love "precise sounding" music. This will be matched to a Wadia 170 transport and a 4th Gen iPod.

With that said, there are a wide variety of options out there in the 500 to 2,000 dollar range. What source and speakers are you matching against?
Bongo...I have Magnepan 1.6...slightly modified. Using the Bryston 100 intergrated and have the Bryston CD player as well as a highly modified, by SACD mods, Sony changer. I also have a MMF 5 turntable and various tuners. I listen mainly to Jazz and female vocals. Interested in putting the DAC card in the Bryston intergrated to use as an outboard DAC for the changer and for a Polk XM tuner.
I Don't have a Bryston dac in my pre-pro,what I do have is the
Bryston BCD-1 and I have to say and I'm using the dac in the Bryston cdp(analog outs)fed into my Av-8.The dac in the Bryston pushes aside my Benchmark Dac-1.To my ears,
no comparison,Huge soundstage,wonderful bottomend,Tight,air ect.I like it so much,I'm selling the Benchmark,which I thought was good.Bryston has out a new outboard dac.
Such an old thread. I was using Bryston's dac in my integrated amp. It works fine and neutral. But I changed to Orpheus One SE now. Of course, it is much better but the Bryston dac really gives value for money paid.
Nightcrawler...a thread started less than a month ago is an old thread?