Bryston Certified Sound

For all you Bryston fans, there's a new game in town. At least, new to me.

Those Bryston units which have been traded in are being reconditioned, tested, and resold by Bryston. In addition to any remaining warrantee, they add ANOTHER 5 YEARS of factory warrantee (non-transferrable). Price? Very fair.

My story is that I emailed Bryston last Sunday. Got an email from the VP on Monday morning. Bought on Monday afternoon. Delivered on Saturday. The 4BSST looks brand new, can't find a mark on it. The lab report is, as usual, exceptional. B warned me to expect scratches and dents, but not on this one. It looks NIB.

Anyway, just wanted to share my experience with one of the Greats of the audio industry. This one's going into the HT to power a couple of subs, where I want day-in, day-out bullet proof stability and power.
So your saying if  I trade in my Bryston's 7bsst 2's to them, they refurbish and sell them for how much with 5 years warranty plus?  I want to move up to the 28b's and they might have a pair! I've looked for a dealer to take these in on trade, I'll stay with Bryston for the foreseeable future. 
@brunomarcs, That's my understanding. Their website has a section called "Bryston Certified Sound" where they take messages. Or call and speak to James Tanner.

My fourth experience with Bryston, and my fourth very positive one.
Update. The 4BSST is installed and functioning as expected, as only a high power, low distortion amplifier can. Highly cost effective.