bryston, c-j and thiel owners input sought

Bryston 4B-ST, conrad johnson PF-1 (next upgrade probably)and Thiel 3.6s: What speaker cables and interconnects do you like?

I'm using various budget Audioquest products. Amp and preamp are about three feet apart while speakers are about 12 feet from the amp. Budget is about $500-600 for both cables and interconnects. Mostly jazz, but almost any other type of music. Albums and CDs. Big undamped room (33x14x8) with three concrete walls and floor. Lots of plush furniture, carpet and some wall treatments however. Thiels do not sound bright or harsh unless the recording is bright or harsh.

What works for your setup and why do you think so? Thanks in advance!
I have been using Alpha-Core MI2 speaker cable with my Bryston 4B-ST / 5B-ST power amps for about two years, and have been very pleased with their performance (I also use their Sapphire interconnects). I think the Alpha-Core line of cables offers excellent performance for the price, and is within your budget. There have been a number of reviews and comments on Audiogon about Alpha-Core cables, so do a search in the archives to learn more. Also take a look at Alpha-Core's web site for more info:
thx Sdcampbell!
Sdcampbell's advise is good. May I also offer for consideration: MIT, OCOS, Straightwire and Wireworld. Cardas and Kimber might work too.
One clarification to my first post: if you decide to buy the Alpha-Core speaker cables, you should install a Zobel network on each speaker. Alpha-Core provides an inexpensive pair of these resistor-capacitor networks, but you can also build a much higher quality set for about $25 for the pair (see the A-gon archives for more info). The purpose of the Zobel network is to prevent amplifier oscillation, which can occur when the A-C speaker cables are used with certain amplifiers (for example, Adcom amps have been known to have this problem when driving A-C speaker cables). I also own the Bryston 4B-ST amp, and never experienced oscillation problems due to the A-C speaker cables, but after reading some of the posts by our resident guru, Sean, I installed a pair of Zobels as a precautionary measure.
Seems to be a wise investment. I had hoped to visit a pair of local dealers yesterday, but got tied down in yard work.
Alpha-Core seems unavailable locally so far....
If you look at Sdcampbell's first post you find their web site. They can offer appropriate system matching and a 30 day (?) trial period. What have you got to loose, besides the middle man?