Bryston BP6 or ?

I am in search of remote controlled preamplifier (no need balanced in/out)around 2000 USD I am using Placette RVC and though I prefer its uncolored natural sound to many expensive preamps I miss some dynamic presantation some active preamps supply (mostly for classical music)I was considering Doge8 tube preamplifier to buy and listened it in my friend system it is not a bad performer but I dislike to hear too much hiss comes from drivers (not isolated properly to obtain black backround )and I do not want to have tube hassle if I could find SS alternative
I would like to hear your oponions about Bryston BP6 preamplifier how neutral sound it has and any other recommendation you have

It's one of the most neutral and uncolored components I've heard and owned. Certainly the most neutral preamp I've heard. I haven't had a passive pre in my system so not sure how it compares dynamically (or sonically), but it's been as good in that area as any other SS preamp I've heard. Can't think of a better recommendation offhand unless you can find a used Placette active preamp, but not sure how often they come up for sale or what they go for. Best of luck.
Soix, I thank you for your input,have you ever heard BP26(I may consider if I can find used one)although preamps with separeted power supply unit absolutely have less noise and more effortless presentation
because of second chassis vibration addition and the effect of the line cord they mostly tend to sound much rigid,compressed ,less air and texture,anyway what is your opinion comparing BP6 and BP26
Brystons forte is not pre amps,you may want to consider alternatives.
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Thanks all, how about used Parasound JC2? comparing BP6
I haven't heard the BP26 although I'm told the basic circuitry between it and the BP6 is very similar so I'd expect them to sound more alike than different. Sorry I can't be more help there.