Bryston BP-26 with DAC option

Looking for those with experience with the BP-25DA or BP-26DA. I'm building my first high-end system, moving up from NAD separates. Just purchased a pair of Thiel CS6s that I've mated with a Bryston 4B SST. Now looking to change out my NAD pre-amp with a Bryston BP-25 or BP-26 with the DAC. Any experience to share on how well the BP-25/26 DA works? Will use with my NAD CD/DVD changer for a while until the next round of upgrades.
There will be a review of the internal DAC card as part of the B-100 SST review in an upcoming Stereophile. Bryston will be releasing a CD player and external DAC early next year.

I recently purchased the BP-26 without the DAC; I wanted the DAC separate. I think the BP-26 is at the point of diminishing returns for preamps. As with all Bryston products, the build quality and engineering is excellent. I did a level matched sighted comparison with a Pass Labs X1 and found them to be essentially identical sonically. I do wish the BP-26 had a lower gain selection and a HT pass through.

Hope this helps,
Thanks, Bob. I'll be on the lookout for that Stereophile review.
I did see that the review came out in the April 2007 edition, but I couldn't wait that long. I got a deal on a BP-25DA in January and have been happy with it ever since.

Now looking to upgrade my transport. I see that Bryston did not choose to sell a CD transport-only version of its CDP. Any transport suggestions for less than $1000?