Bryston BP-26 or Parasound Halo JC 2 preamp??

I'm running Dynaudio Sapphire spkrs via Bryston 7BST mono blocs direct from Wadia S7i cdp. I know there's been much discussion re: direct or thru preamp. I'm still a bit on the fence but if I go the preamp route I'd like some input on the Bryston BP26 vs the Halo JC2 in my configuration (or other experiences with the Bryston 7bst owner's and these preamps.
tnx for your input..2bz.
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I've been using Wadia myself for a long time. I like an active preamp, but if you can't get a really good one, you probably won't like it better than using just the Wadia. The 2 preamps you list are very good, but I would urge you to try them first. If I had to guess, I would say that you would not like either preamp over your Wadia directly. For me, an Aesthetix Calypiso is what it takes in an active preamp to want to keep it in my system.
I've owned both the JC2 and the BP26. Coincidentally I was using dynaudio speakers and a bryston 4bsst amp at the time. They are both superb, but the bryston is more transparent. However, some people might prefer the smoother sound of the JC2. I've heard the sapphires can be a little forward sounding so the JC2 might be the way to go. If it was me, I'd go with the bryston, for the added detail and clarity. BTW, I highly commend at least trying the preamps over direct CDP connection. I think you'll end up preferring the sound. Good luck
Interesting...Yes, Bryston is known for detail and presence. I have the BP6P, the BP26s cousin as well as the 4BSST. This presence and detail is a little bit too much for many (or a few) audiophiles, so they shy away. I personally like it. So, basically it's all a matter of taste...
Another pre-amp to consider is the solid state BAT VK-42SE. I changed from the Bryston BP25/MPS-2 combination to the BAT. The sound of the BP 25 was a little harsh for me. I believe the BP26 addresses the issues I had with the BP25. I used the 7B-SST's with the BP-25 and then with the BAT. The BAT sounds just as detailed but not harsh. I have heard the JC2 and the BP26 described the same way in forums.
Like I said, harsh could mean you don't like a lot of presence and maybe there was a bit too much detail for you. I haven't heard the BAT preamp so I can't comment on that one. I bet it's a good unit, though...
Sounds like if I like detail the BP-26 might be a better choice (for me) over the JC2 especially having Bryston 7BST amps.
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Pretty much, 2bz.
It's been a while now. I wound up with the BP26 (figured it would be a better match with my 7Bst's) I'm extreeeeemly happy with it. I'm no longer "On the fence" regarding CD direct or through a pre-amp. I favor going through the Pre-amp over CD direct.I feel that I didn't give anything up from direct only gained the advantages of whatever a properly matched Pre-amp gives you. The difference to is if your driving at 100 mph and even though you know you'll never go faster than that it's full throttle with the CD direct whereas with the Pre-amp I could go to 150 mph(Same speed but something just feels different).