Bryston BP-25 or Musical Fidelity A3 CR

Just purchased a Bryston 4B-SST amp to go with my Arcam 72T CD player and Paradigm Studio 100 speakers. Now I'd like to get a pre and have listened to the Bryston BP-25 and a BAT 3K-vi and preferred the detailed sound of the Bryston. Just wondering about the Musical Fidelity pre and what it would offer?
My opinion: stay with the Bryston. Having owned the MF A3CR amp, and heard a fair amount of the pre, it is very good, but I think the Bryston is better, and it will match well with your amp.

Bryston strengths over the MF: dynamics, bass, perhaps extended highs. MF strengths: clearer midrange, MAYBE a little more spacious sounding (but I may be wrong).

Again, my opinion, others may see different.

The Bryston BP-25 preamp is an excellent pairing with the 4B-SST. If it were me, I'd stick with the "all Bryston" line up -- it offers excellent sound quality, and has that great 20-year unconditional warranty.
Ditto to both posts. I used a BP25 for a few years and had
no complaints of any consequence. In fact, one of the reasons I got an SP-1 pre/pro is to keep the great analog
sound of the BP25. Highly recommended!