Bryston BP-25 or Adcom GFP-750 Preamp?

Which of these preamps is overall sonically superior?
What are the sonic differences, sonic advantages, and sonic disadvantages of these units in comparison to one another?
I owned a GFP-750 for about 2 years. I haven't heard the Bryston. I did move up to the Pass Aleph P. The Adcom won't accept big-barrel RCA cables like Transparent or IXOS.
That's why I sold it.
If you can spend $1500.00, I'd suggest the Aleph P. The Adcom sounds very good to me, I just didn't like the limited cable choices.
(P.S., no review I've seen ever mentioned this shortcoming).

I was considering the same choice you are a few years ago.

The Adcom GFP-750 was rated by Stereophile as an "A" product,
but that's when it's used as a passive preamp - which it does
have a mode to support that.

If you don't need either current or voltage gain from your
preamp - that is your source components have enough power to
drive your power amps - then you may choose the GFP-750 for
that reason.

I need the gain - so I need an active preamp - and ended up
going for the Bryston BP-25.

Dr. Gregory Greenman