Bryston BP-25 BP25 or Classe 47.5?

Need to make decision between the Bryston BP-25 or the Classe 47.5.

Currently I have a pair of B&W 803S speakers, an Outlaw 750 power amp (165 x 5) I am temporarily using, and an Oppo DV980H as source. Am only using two channels of the Outlaw.

Would appreciate any input as to whether to go with the Bryston or the Classe. I mainly listen to smooth jazz and occasionally classical music.
I own two similar pieces.

I have a bp25, and a classe cp50 (which some say is better than the 47.5) I wouldn't know I did not compare.

They are close... both impressively good units. Both have optional phono stages... the classe is warmer, has more depth, the bryston is more direct and clear, with more detail. I like the bryston sound more.

I also find that the classe has less tolerance for my dac that outputs a non standard 3v output, even with the "gain" reduction on the cp50 I still lack enough control. The bryston fares better.

Bother are great pieces of gear, and in the same class, just slightly different sound. If your system needs some warmth, go for the classe, if you need or like detail the bryston is your ticket. TO be clear both are smooth units without the slightest grain or glare.
Thanks for your input. I am inclined on getting the Bryston BP-25, especially for its warranty.
i would have to concur having owned both Bryston and Classe preamps currently have a Classe CP 65. Found the Classe to be a little bit mellower and laid back and the Bryston to be slightly cooler and sharper. Both are excellent units and you will not go wrong with either I would say slightly different flavors and will depend on your musical tastes and the voicing of your system, it was a hard choice for me to make.