Bryston BDP media server a good choice today?

Hi! Is the Bryston BDP media server a good buy today or would it better be to buy a DSD capable machine? In other words, what is the future of "digital music"?
i,m curious too, i just bought a BDP 1 a couple of months ago for 900 and I see quite few for sale also.

The Aurender N100H is also very interesting. Has anyone compared these two equally priced units by listening?
I have a BDP-1. Just upgraded it with new firmware (Manic Moose 2.20) with the great help from Chris at Bryston. The new version of the MPD (music player dameon) is the best I have heard on the BDP-1.

I hear they are now making the BDP-3. It has some advanced features not on the -2 or -1 series, and I think can play DSD files.

The -1 are for sale because of the introduction of the -3. If you don't care about DSD files and perhaps some other features, the -1 is a good deal.

Bryston is a fantastic company and their CS support is exemplary. Chris spent a few hours with me on the phone helping me update the firmware because my system is not internet connected, and we had to load some files manually. They continue to support the -1 models even with the -2 and -3 out. Chris designed the BDP series and it is very rare you get to speak with the product designer while they help you with an upgrade.
I too enjoy my BDP-1/BDA-1 combo and have gotten grea support from Chris. I'm intimidated by the thought of updating to Manic Moose. But based on your comments I might try to corral Chris after the holidays and make the leap.  On a related note, a fellow A'goner claimed he heard a  nice improvement when he replaced the fuses in his Bryston combo with Synergistic Reds .

If you are "computer savy", then the upgrade should not be a big deal. Or, if you have your BDP-1 connected to the internet. If you are neither, and have a software version prior to "Looney Loone 1.75", then you are in for some challenges.

If I were you, I would contact Bryston and have them send you a pre-loaded flashcard with MM loaded, ready to go. Just be sure you get the latest release. They sent me a premature release and I had to manually add files to complete the update. With a preloaded software, you can always go back to your looney loones version if you don't like MM, so save your original flashcard.

But once you listen to MPD .187 you will not go back.

And Chris chuckles at those fuse mods...
Wow! Looked at the MM thread at audiocircle. The discussions are over my head. 
Using mPad on my iPad and content with what it gives me. Was under the impression that updating to MM would allow me to stream radio.  But appears it does much, much more, And not sure that it's all good.  Seems like there's potential for major problems that I'm not sure I can deal with. That's a shame because I really liked the radio access I had for a few months of owning the BDP-1/BDA-1 combo. 
Have no idea what MPD.187 is!
dhl- fwiw a well known and respected designer of audiophile electronics and a modder as well chuckles at folks who buy audiophile footers and power cords.
as for manic moose, I give up. Way over my head.

MPD stand for "Music Player Dameon". Its just the software that plays back the music. Bryston has been making improvements over the years and to my ears, the latest version smokes the one in Loony Loones. So it's worth it to upgrade to MM just for that.

Forget trying to figure out how to install MM from forum posts!

Just call Chris any workday and he will get you there step by step. I think he spent 3 hours on the phone with me at one sitting. If you are totally a computer illiterate, have Bryston send you a new flashcard (with MM pre-installed). They did that for me free. Then all you have to do is remove the cover screws and swap the flash drive cards, and re-boot the system.

I don't stream radio and I am not internet connected. I too was concerned about complexity. MM is actually better than LL, but it takes longer to boot up from a cold start. The sound quality was the thing that convinced me to stay with MM. I had LL on another flashcard and could go back and forth to compare SQ. I even had to ask Chris about the SQ in MM and he told me others have also noticed the improvements. So if you can get it installed, you will be pleased.

Depending on your version of LL, MM cures a number of bugs. In my LL version, the song pointer would freeze while playing songs. I would have to "refresh" my browser screen to update the screen, which would wipe out my displayed file structure on the right. MM will use Firefox browser where LL would only use Google Chrome. MM adds a new "Artist" view, but I never use this (although its pretty cool and will display all songs from a particular artist, even if they span multiple albums and "best of multi artist" albums like sound tracks).

i never turn down the opportunity to improve SQ. I will contact Chris tomorrow and seek a preloaded flashcard. Thanks much!
Just a quick update. I now have Manic Moose on my BDP-1 and couldn't be happier. I too noticed an improvement in SQ. Could not have done it without Chris' help.  Amazingly patient individual. Wish I hadn't waited so long to do this update! 

Bryston BDP-2 digital player with upgraded Bryston IAD (upgraded soundcard) makes for an amazing streamer!  I have one & couldn't be happier!