Bryston BDP Digital Player - MPaD Application

For all Bryston BDP digital player owners, how reliable and how easy-to-use is the MPaD iPad application?
First off I'm a dealer for Bryston. I use the BDP-1 in my reference system playing into an Esoteric D-02 D/A. The MPaD app is very easy to use once installed on an ipad. (I would buy the mini as it may be a little better size for a remote). It's never "gone down", shown a glitch or bug or any other interface problem. Just tap the cover art and select a song or the whole album, or pick individual songs for a playlist.
There is a Byston BDP-1 forum on AudioCircle, where you are most likely to get an educated response. I use MPOD on my iPhone and it works fine, though it is somewhat basic. I know many people use MPAD on their iPads, as will I soon when I get my first iPad.

This BDP-1 device changed my musical life for the better. Was computer audio averse due to all reported complications, but this device is easy to use and the sound is outstanding.

Good luck.