Bryston BDP-2 Help Needed

I have a Bryston BDP-2 that I run though a Bryston DAC. Due to a move I disassembled my entire stereo system and after almost a year, I am putting the system back together.  For some reason (age?), I can't figure out how to control the BDP-2 with my IPad. I re-downloaded the MPaD app but for the life of me I can't get the thing to work. Could someone please give me step-by-step instructions starting from the beginning? I am not a tech genius so the simpler the better. All I want to do is control what plays via IPad.

A secondary question is I thought I read there is an update to the BDP-2. Is this the case and, if so, how does one go about updating the unit?

i know I am asking a lot so thanks in advance. I very much appreciate the help.

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