Bryston BDP -2 ?

Has anyone used the Bryston BDP 2. Digital player with a DAC other than the Bryston DACs ? Were the other DACs better ? I find the Bryston DACs as dry and flat ? I have the BDP 2. What DAC should I try next ?
Not sure what your budget is. I have a BDP-1 running to a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. It is an awesome combo. The PSA DS is, once broken in, an awe-inspiring piece of work. This from someone who started on digital in 19856 with a Magnavox CDB 650, first 16-bit player and has had numerous DAC's over the years. Give it good electronics and you will be happy.

Previously I had the W4S DAC2 and itr was very impressive for the money. This was the original version. I liked it a lot.

I also own a Ps Direct Stream Dac that I'm using with my BDP-2.
Surprised to here dry and flat as a descriptor for the Bryston DAC.
Generally not they way people describe the Bryston DACs. We use the Bricasti Design M1 DAC with the BDP-2. My personal preference is the AES/EBU output feeding a high quality DAC. Let us know where you ended up with a DAC choice and how it compared to the Bryston.

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