Bryston BDP-1 Own one? What DAC are you using?

I have one on order and am very anxious for it to arrive.
At this point I plan to run through my Cambridge 840C's DAC coax input with Bryston's own BNC to SPDIF cable. Would love to hear anyone else's experience with it and what DAC you are using or recommend. I will likely end up also ordering Bryston's BDA-1 but don't want to spend another $2,195 if not needed. Any feedback you can offer on a DAC and also digital cabling is appreciated...
Nice purchase! I'm considering buying a BDP 1. Would use ARC's DAC 8.

I did hear the BDP 1st RMAF 2011 last month in at least 4 rooms - just about all used Bryston's own DAC. BTW, sounded terrific.

I have had the BDP-1 for about three months. In that time I have heard it with the matching Byston DAC, PS Audio perfectwave, ARC DAC-8, and DCS Scarlatti stack.

IMHO, this machine is well worth spending on whatever DAC you can afford to connect it with..... It's that good.

Of the four DACs I listed, the DCS is on another level from the other three. It sounded incredible running through the upsampler and then to the clock and DAC.

Of the second group, I definitely preferred the ARC. To my ears it was clearly superior to the other three and represents the "second best" digital I have heard..... That is, just behind the Bryston with the DCS.

Thanks for you comments. Can't wait to get my BDP 1 - already have the DAC 8.

Just ordered a BDA-1 to go with the BDP-1. Really anxious for them to arrive. (Back ordered currently). I have not heard either of them prior to purchase. I never do that, but according to everything I can find, they are great products. Also ordered both the BNC and AES cables so I can compare them. Anyone have any experience with one or both? Reviewers seem to be split over connection preference...
Both units arrived on Wednesday. I am using both AES and BNC cables from Bryston so I am able to toggle between both connections and so far I have a fairly strong preference for the AES connection. It sounds very natural and tonally richer than the BNC does. For lack of a better description, the BNC sounds a bit more digital and less complete. I am currently running all balanced connections with ARC LS17, Maggie 1.7's and Bryston 4B SST2 so I assume that helps bolster my AES connection preference. I ordered both with the blue LED's and display. I highly recommend both of these components. None of my local dealers are stocking them and were not offering demo's. I ordered both without hearing them first, which is a first for me. I am very happy I did and I can only assume that the more word gets out there, the dealers are going to have to see the value and thinking behind the BDP-1 and keep a set on the floor. It is admittedly a spendy way of listening to audio files, but I have yet to hear a laptop and usb DAC sound nearly this good. I was also highly impressed by the folks at Bryston. I had many questions (probably annoyingly so) and they always cheerfully answered my questions promptly. I was also surprised that I really prefer the non-upsampled sound of the BDA-1. I am used to listening to my Cambridge 840c at 384 upsampled resolution. While I still enjoy the Cambridge, it sounds slightly more difuse and less palpable when compared to the Bryston combo playing files at their native resolution. I have also found I prefer files recorded at 24/96. Thus far I only have a handful of 24/192 stuff and while it sounds good, the 24/96 files feel more in the room with me. Just my two cents - if anyone is considering them shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions.
A little more info: I purchased and used DBpoweramp software ($38 online) to rip all of my CD's accurately. A rather large and time consuming proposition yes, but once it is done, it is well worth the effort. I also made two other back up's of all my music. I am using two 64 gig flash sticks for the BDP-1 instead of a portable hard drive as the one I originally bought would only stop spinning (and making noise) after three minutes has passed since the drive was last called upon - very irritating - this was the minimum time the drives software would allow.
In my system I greatly prefer S/PDIF BNC cables over AES/EBU. I recently purchased a LITESPD Digital Interface cable with BNCs from WyWires that has transformed my system. Music is so natural and three dimensional. I am now transported to a concert hall instead of listening to a stereo system. Alex Sventitsky, founder of WyWires, has a new line of cables called the Blue Series. His LITESPD digital cables start at $199 and his service is second to none. I have been so impressed with his LITESPD digital cable that I have ordered another one and a set of analog interconnects.
Thanks for the info Bjack70jr!
Please let us know what other supporting equipment you are using the Bryston BDP-1 with as a point of reference. Which DAC? Amp/pre brand & model? Running balanced or single ended? I love my Maggie 1.7's but they can tend to the brighter side at times, depending on the recording and matching equipment. I have a feeling that if I was still using my B&W 805S standmounts (warm and inviting virtually all the time - but less than transparent and accurate) I would likely prefer the BNC connection. AES connection seems to be better balance of sound in my particular setup.
One more question - if you are using the Bryston BDA-1, how do you like the upsampling sound vs. native resolution?
Using Wyred4Sound DAC-2. The BDP-1 sounds better than using J. River version 16 with the DAC-2's USB drive, which sounded pretty good to begin with. Even on MP3 files, the Bryston player is terrific, with great dynamic range and sound emanating from a really black background. Can sound harsh on heavily compressed music, but this has occurred very rarely.


Took me a while to get operation sorted -- having more to do with locating and copying my iTune files to a HDD than anything to do with the BDP-1 -- but once I got it working it is quite an amazing device. And this from someone extremely skeptical of anything to do with computer audio.

Only weaknesses are in the stock software to select music and play it on BDP-1. I used MAX for starters and it is fairly rudimentary, clunky and non-intuitive, but it works. So now I use Gnome player on a netbook, which is free to download and does not even require an Internet connection. The interface is much better, more intuitive and more versatile. When I get my iPhone next month, I will use that.

The other weakness is when you detach HDD to add more music to it,and then reattach to BDP-1, the BDP-1 takes a while to update itself. The more music on the HDD, the longer it takes to update; therefore, I only update the HDD every few weeks or when I have added a lot of new music.

Aside from the foregoing, this is sonically and operationally a breakthrough product, with great customer support from Bryston.And you don't need USB/SPDIFconverters, USB cables, special software, etc.

Having demo'ed the BDP-1 for a week, i agree with your software assessment. It's sound is head-and-shoulders above the Squeezebox touch, but software wise, far below. The included browser software is very rudimentary and frustrating.

I use a 500GB Seagate USB drive connected to the back. Once you connect the drive and turn off the BDP-1, the drive will appear as a share on your local network. You can then add files via your network and updates are much faster.

I'm looking for a installable Windows MPD server so I can use the iPad app to control it
Just a follow up on my experience with the Bryston BDP-1 and BDA-1 combo... I have now run the pair for approximately 100 hours overall.
They are very satisfying components. The sound is simply perfect in my opinion as far as digital sources go (at least without mortgaging your home). There is zero noise and a jet black background. I very much prefer to listen to files in their native resolution. It is nice to have the upsampling option, though I rarely prefer or engage it. Hi res material is simply stunning - check out the material from the 2L label at HDTRACKS.
The Bryston Max proprietary software is a bit slow and ackward at times, but Bryston service and support is absolutely second to none and they are consistently offering updates and working with customers for feedback. Contrary to many reviewers, I've virtually always preferred the sound of the AES connection as opposed to the SPDIF connection. I have both cables from Bryston so am able to toggle between the two and compare.
I couldn't be more pleased with them and highly recommend both.
If you use Windows 7 on PC, you should download the free Gnome MPD player to control music selection and play on the BDP-1. Excellent GUI and you do not need a Wi-Fi connection for it to operate.

Bryston Bdp-1 with Wyred4Sound DAC-2 DAC connected by simply physics AES/EBU digital silver cable. Marvelous. Flac files converted through J River Media Center and DVDAudio Extractor programs.
I really want to buy one of these and have tried one out but the fact you still have to use a computer to create and manage your library, the thing takes forever to load the library from an external hard drive , it takes forever to reload if you try to update files on the HDD and the interfaces I have seen are very very clunky makes me feel this product is not ready for prime time.
Using a laptop and cables to send your files into a DAC is not a good way to go. The LINN DS units send data from a NAS or PC through a CAT5 and the DS does all the work. Much better solution, all controlled from an iPad and get rid of the CD player totally.
It takes only a few seconds or minutes to load or reload the library after the first time. It is much faster if you connect the HDD when the BDP-1 is off or on standby.

The Gnome interface available for free download on the Internet is not clunky at all; very easy to use. And the Bryston folks are coming out shortly with a new proprietary interface that looks very good.

I resisted any form of computer-related audio until this unit, which is very simple to use after initial setup and the sound through a good DAC is outstanding. The fact there is a special BDP-1 site on AudioCircle where you can have all your questions answered by the Bryston folks makes this product even more attractive.

Highly recommended. (I have no financial interest whatsoever.)

Did somebody actually had a chance to compare the Bryston BDP-1 to players like esoteric k-03 or k-01, DCS Puccini, Ayon CD-5s, ARC CD8, Vitus, playing BDP-1 via their DACs vs. playing actual CD via those players transports. Does Bryston BDP-1 really out there on the same level?