Bryston BDP-1 or Upgrade transport?

My CD transport is a Cambridge Audio 751BD and my DAC is a Bryston BDA-1. The BDP-1 seems like the way to go in this situation but my biggest deterrent is having to rip my CD collection.

Can anyone vouch at all for the BDP-1 compared to the 751BD? Should I upgraded to a better optical transport instead or should I simply stay with what I have?
There's no answer to your question. You are comparing apples to oranges. These two products perform different functions.
I owned a BDP-1 and have upgraded to a BDP-2. Sonically, they seem equivalent but the BDP-2 offers more USB inputs, the option for an internal hard drive (which I don't use) and faster overall operation when loading music. I control it with the Mpod software on my Iphone and it works very well. Ripping discs is not particularly difficult. I use DB Poweramp, uncompressed to FLAC files. I use two WD USB hard drives and have about 30,000 tracks. I really like the Bryston digital solution. I also use the Bryston BDa-2. Hope that's helpful.