Bryston BDP-1 compatibility

For you owners of the BDP-1 out there, can anyone tell me if you can use USB DVD drives with this Bryston?

I know Bryston wants to avoid the use of drives with "moving parts" because of noise or reliability issues, but storage of ripped music on DVD media instead of flash drives makes more sense to me due to the lower cost of media. I can also store DVDs with my CD collection, and read only media is all that is required for music, why pay for flash memory?

Unless there is some performance issue I am not aware of...

You should probably check with Bryston to be sure, but I suspect that the answer is no. DVDs containing music files or other data have a very different format, data structure, and file system than hard drives and flash memory, which are what the BDP-1 is specified to be able to work with.

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-- Al

You may be correct. I have an inquiry into James Tanner at Bryston, but I thought I might ask the user base here to see if anyone has tried using DVD or CDROM drives.

I think you were right about the file system. Hard drives, flash drives, and USB flash drives all use a FAT 32 hard drive type file system. CDROMs and DVDROMs do not. They will not look like a HD or flash drive to the Bryston when connected via the USB port.

But I guess I do not understand why Bryston would not design their modded PC system in the BDP-1 to recognize DVD ROM and CR ROM file systems as well. I know it's a marketing call, but this is PC101 as far as computer design goes. It would allow users to access and play disks directly (if not music CDs, then CDROMs/DVDROMs with ripped files). At USB 1.0 specs the Bryston uses, modern DVD drives could easily keep up with thumb drives for access speeds. As far as media costs go, flash memory is running about $1/GB or about $.50/CD (typically 480 MB/CD). DVD+R media is running at $0.10/GB or less.