Bryston Bda3 vs 3.14 Streamer

Currently running a Bryston Bda-3 Dac Using a Audiophilleo Usb/Pdif processor for usb output from my Laptop for U-Tube And Streaming service.

Was thinking about Changing to the Bryston 3.14 streamer Yes?


I understand the main difference between the Bryston 3 and 3.14 is the latter includes a built-in Raspberry Pi computer board to handle the streaming.  You could just buy an RPi separately with a case and add the same streaming capabilities to your existing DAC.  BTW, Raspberry Pi is up to model 4 now which does USB out very nicely (the 3.14 uses the model 3 board.)  RPis aren't as cheap as they used to be due to the supply chain crisis, but still a pretty good deal.

If you can swap the BDA-3 for the BDA-3.14 for only the difference in price, then it might be worth it to get a one box solution.

Well I know if I Use the audiophilleo thru the BNC input it is superior sound to running thru the USB, pry just stick with the setup now.

For an upgrade in sound quality I would just get a separate streamer and keep the BDA-3.
Something like the new Lumin U2 Mini should be nice with a good USB cable (or even AES/EBU). You can use Lumin’s AirPlay to stream from YouTube and either Lumin native app (hideous, probably just as bad as Bryston’s Moose) or Roon for streaming services.
Gives you more flexibility and keeps the potential noise makers out of your DAC  




No.  The streamer sounds good but the program that runs it, Manic Moose, makes it a non starter

The streamer sounds good but the program that runs it, Manic Moose, makes it a non starter

There's always Rigelian for those who won't settle for Manic Moose.

What streaming service you got? Manic Moose only supports Tidal and Qobuz but a bunch of internet radio. Any locally stored files or interest in that? Any interest in playing CDs or ripping them to storage.  Any interest in exploring ROON?



  I used Rigelian.  It was an improvement over Manic Moose but that is a low bar. 

It recognized perhaps 50% of the music on my NAS.  I also had to reload the app

several times.  Rigelian was a free app, so one can't complain, but I suspect the problem was the crappy digital Bryston interface that it has to sit upon