Bryston BDA-3.14?

Another relatively new, feature rich DAC that needs a thread.
This thing seems to be a digital Swiss Army Knife.
Priced within reason.

But, the big question for me at least, how does it sound?
None of the other stuff matters if it doesn’t sound superb.
Feedback from users would be much appreciated.
I have the DAC 3 and the BDP3.  The new one pushes them under 1 chassis and saves you a lot of dough.  Mine sounds great.  The weak link for the streamer is Manic Moose
 I have the BDA-1 in my system and run my Sony XA-5400ES CD player through the digital coax into it. I’m also running an old iPhone 4 with iTunes into a Wadia 171i, then into the BDA-1.

I’m curious to know what the reviews on the BDA-3.14 will say. It really does seem like the most full featured DAC you could think of.

My BDA-1 gets gobs of texture, detail and quietness out of my recordings. Every now and then, a recording will be a bit too bright but that is rare and most everything I listen to is detailed and layered with varying amount of dynamics based on the recording.

I suspect that the BDA-3.14 will have even more texture, authority, and even quieter than the BDA-1. I’d like to know more about how to play back high-res music files over this new, improved DAC.
I've had my BDA-3.14 for a couple months now and am very pleased with its performance. To my ear it is easiest listening DAC I've used. Like you would expect from a quality DAC it reveals exactly what is on the recording without coloration. I never know how to describe levels of detail, texture, authority. It doesn't add to or take away anything that is already in the recording.

I primarily use Roon, and noted that the DAC is not yet officially Roon ready or certified or whatever the correct terminology is. But it works with Roon just fine. Worth pointing out that the interface between the internal Pi and the DAC stage is I2S and that link it is limited to 192/24 (will downsample anything above that). Only the USB input will handle all the advertised formats. So as a Roon endpoint understand that DSD and 364/32 PCM won't be handled natively, if that's a concern.

I actually don't use the internal Pi, I have a Bryston BDP-3 connected via USB. I probably should have just purchased the BDA-3 but the 3.14 was only a small amount more money and it gives me options.

There are those that believe the internal Manic Moose interface (or rather MPD) sound superior to streamed from Roon. I believe that is a load of cobblers. To my ear it is exactly the same, but YMMV.