Bryston BDA-2, Moon 300D or Benchmark DAC2 HGC

I have been doing some research in an upcoming purchase of a DAC for my system. In brief my uses will be Sonos Connect and then eventually a HardDrive storage of my CD's and High Res downloads. My system is ARC LS26, McIntosh MC402, and Revel Performa F32's. It seems that the Bryston BDA-2 gets good reviews and the SimAudio Moon 300D and Benchmark DAC2 HGC all seem to be in the same neighborhood in price and feature. I do sometime hope to add either the Moon Mind or if rumors bear fruit, the Sonos Hi-Rez "Connect". I am hopeful that fellow AudioGon members can share their experience with any of these DAC's and maybe suggest a DAC that they love in that 2000 plus minus price range. I had thought about 3 months ago that a 500.00 DAC was what I wanted, but now realize I will have to invest more to achieve my goal in sound.
Thank You
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I auditioned the Benchmark DAC2 HGC but went with the NAD M51 which offers balanced output and also has HDMI inputs. This means I can output SACD and DVDA thru my Oppo to the NAD and it sounds wonderful.

I had a Sonos with a Wyred4Sound upgrade and it sounded great but it is limited in high-res formats as you know. I now use a Bryston BDP-1 which is very, very good. Only drawback now is that I can't output DSD.

I use Bryston amp, pre-amp, and Harbeth speakers.
Having owned several $2k DACs including the benchmark dac2, my advice is to buy the cheap micromega MyDAC first. Doesn't look like much, but man it sounds extremely good. Highly recommended before you drop $2k. Trust me.
How about a Mytek Stereo 192 DSD DAC?
Austinbob, Thanks for your response. I see that neither Bryston does DSD but in a phone call to Bryston "they are looking at it" but if and when is still undetermined. Had you tried the Benchmark before you went with the NAD? Also on the wyred4sound Sonos, would you say it was equal in performance to adding an outboard DAC?